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Customer Service Excellence Using Telephone, Email and Social Media

The focus of this course is to enlighten and engage customer service professionals with the latest thinking about how to deliver an excellent service to their customers using the telephone, email and social media.

The course is interactive and participative, using the latest learning techniques to help capture everyone’s unique learning style. It will use up-to-date examples of excellent practice and participants will leave the day with new telephone skills, different and better ways to respond to email, as well as effective and impactful ways to respond to customer complaints on social media.

This course has been recently updated to include social media and more real life examples.

Target Audience

Suitable for any individual who spends the majority of their time engaged with internal as well as external customers using the telephone or email. Also suitable for anyone who is responsible for responding to customer issues and complaints using social media.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise the specific skills, mindset and behaviours required to deliver excellent service via the telephone, email and social media
  • Use a template of best practice for telephone and electronic communication which projects and supports the brand image of your organisation
  • Respond to customers in the most timely and effective way by making the right choice of communication tool
  • Use effective questioning techniques in verbal and written communication to establish the root cause of customer problems and issues
  • Obtain relevant information from customers by using effective questioning techniques both on the telephone and in electronic communication
  • Demonstrate effective listening techniques when on the telephone and when using email and social media
  • Assertively manage customer expectations both on the telephone and in written communication
  • Handle customer dissatisfaction with confidence by learning to respond and stay focused on a positive way forward
  • Negotiate and arrive at “win-win” solutions and communicate these solutions with confidence via the telephone and electronically
  • Work towards achieving a SMART action plan constructed during the day

Course Content

What is Excellence?

  • The skills, mind-set and behaviours required to deliver customer service excellence
  • Top recommendations for excellence when making and answering calls
  • Excellence when sending and responding to emails
  • Excellence when responding to complaints and dissatisfaction on social media
  • Self-analysis – where are you in relation to excellence? What are your strengths?

Managing your Emotional Response

  • How to stay proactive, focused, positive and resilient when dealing with challenging customers

Questioning Techniques

  • Benefits of asking great questions
  • How to ask for information in a timely and constructive way (verbal and written)
  • How to use questioning techniques to get to the root cause of problems (verbal and written)
  • Practice questioning sessions using phone coach/email/social media posts

Listening to Customers

  • Benefits of showing customers we are listening and not just hearing
  • How to show people you are listening to them – telephone, email and social media
  • How to deliver a “listening to you” response in email and social media
  • Practice listening sessions using email and social media posts

Asking for What you want/Saying No Effectively

  • Benefits of managing customer expectations
  • How to negotiate to reach “win/win” outcomes – telephone, email and social media
  • A three step verbal structure to demonstrate assertive communication on the telephone and in writing
  • Practice sessions using phone coach and email

Handling Customer Dissatisfaction Effectively

  • Benefits of handling dissatisfaction well – customer research
  • How to respond positively – not react negatively (telephone)
  • How to plan the conversation – email and social media
  • How to construct the conversation – telephone, email and social media
  • Practice session using email and social media posts


Participants will be asked to bring with them to the course two emails they have recently sent. These will be used during the day to develop best practice templates for use when back at work.

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