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Achieving Customer Service Excellence

This 1 day course will enable you to provide customer support that turns problems into regular customers


Learning Objectives

You will learn

  • What is Customer Service?
  • Who Are Your Customers?
  • How to Meet Expectations
  • Customer Service Standards
  • Effective Communication
  • Telephone Techniques
  • How to Deal with Challenges
  • How to Deal with Difficult People
  • Problem Solving  
  • Eliminating Customer Service Problems


No previous customer service experience is required

Course Content

Introduction and Course Overview

What is Customer Service?

• What is Customer service?  • Why is it important?  • What is in it for me?  • Service as a philosophy  • Exceeding Customer Expectations 

Who Are Your Customers?

• Internal Customers  • External Customers  • VIP Customers  • Customer Needs 

Meeting Expectations

• Timeliness  • Quality  • Consistency  • First Impressions 


• Telephone Handling  • Appearance of Facilities  • Appearance of Self  • Face to Face Contact 


• What is Communication?  • Barriers to Communication  • How We Can Remove Barriers  • Active Listening 

Telephone Techniques

• Initial Greeting  • Transferring Calls  • Putting Callers on Hold  • Taking Messages  • Dos and Donts of the Telephone  • Phrases to Avoid 

Dealing with Challenges

• If You Do Not Know the Answer  • When You Have to Say NO  • When the Computer is Slow  • Handling Unreasonable Expectations  • Dealing With Skepticism  • When the Information You Need is Not Provided

Dealing with Difficult People

• Coping Strategies: SOFTEN Acronym  • Categories of People and How to Handle Them

Seven Steps to Customer Problem Solving

• Seven steps to Problem Solving  • Problem Solving in Different Situations

The Recovery Process

• How to Recover and Build for the Future

Eliminating Customer Service Problems

• Critical Evaluation  • Informal Surveys  • Focus Groups  • Nominal Group Technique  • Cause and Effect or Root Cause  • Brainstorming  • Benchmarking

Doing Your Part

• Relationships  • Clear Expectations  • Communication Styles  • The Power of Your Behaviour  • Likeability  • How to Feel Powerful in Your Position 

A Personal Action Plan

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