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VeriSM Foundation

VeriSM™ is a service management approach that helps service providers to create a flexible operating model to meet desired business outcomes.

It describes how an organisation can define its service management principles and then use organisational capabilities, emerging technologies and a combination of management practices to deliver value. The Foundation Certificate is a direct introduction to VeriSM™ and service management for the digital age.

Taget Audience

All professionals and organisations involved in delivering value to customers through the delivery, development, operation and / or promotion of services. VeriSM™ is designed to build modern and fundamental  service management skills and knowledge to enable individuals to fully and effectively participate in a service organisation and to deliver value to the consumer. 



Course Content


The Service Organization

  • Organisational context
    • Define key elements of an organization
    • Define how to optimise organisational interactions
  • Organisational governance
    • Define the elements of organizational governance (evaluate, direct, monitor)
    • Explain how governance “flows” through an organization
  • Digital transformation
    • Define the impact of new technology on organizations
    • Describe the impact of digital transformation on service management

Service Culture

  • People and Organisational Structure    
    • Define a service culture
    • Explain the elements of a service culture
  • Organisation structure    
    • Define the differences between a leader and a manager
    • Explain the competencies of the service management professional
    • List the elements of a well-functioning team
  • Service management challenges    
    • Explain methods to overcome team challenges (silos, virtual teams)
    • Explain the challenges of managing consumers
    • Describe the elements of communication         Explain organisational change principles

The VeriSM™ Model

  • Define the elements of the VeriSM™ model
  • Explain how VeriSM™ re-defines service management
  • Explain how VeriSM™ uses the management mesh to create and     stabilize services
  • Explain the elements within each of the four stages of the VeriSM™ model
    • Define
    • Produce
    • Provide
    • Respond
  • Adapting the VeriSM™ model    
    • Define the process of selecting and integrating management practices.
    • Explain the characteristics of successful operating models

Progressive Practices

  • Indicate the success factors for adopting progressive management     practices
  • Clarify the key concepts and when to apply Agile, DevOps, SIAM™, Lean as a management practice

Innovative Technologies

  • Impact of Technology    
    • Summarize the implications of technology on service management
    • Explain the benefits of cloud, virtualization, and automation
    • Explain the impact of big data, internet of things, mobile computing,bring your own device on service management
    • Describe serverless computing, artificial intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, and containerization

Getting Started with VeriSM™

  • Identify how to get started
  • Describe how to move from reactive to proactive operations

Exams & Certification


  • 60 minutes (1 hour) 'closed book'
  • 40 multiple choice questions
  • Pass mark is 65% (26/40)

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