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CREST Practitioner Security Analyst

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Name CREST Practitioner Security Analyst
London - City
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The CPSA course leads to the CREST Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA) examination, which is an entry level qualification that tests a candidate’s knowledge in assessing operating systems and common network services at a basic level below that; of the main CRT and CCT qualifications.

Target Audience

  •   Aspiring information security personnel who wish to be part of a PenTest team
  •   System administrators who are responding to attacks
  •   Incident handlers who wish to expand their knowledge into Penetration Testing and Digital Forensics
  •   Corporations and Government departments who wish to raise and baseline skills across all security teams
  •   Law enforcement officers or detectives who want to expand their investigative skills
  •   Information security managers who would like to brush up on the latest techniques and processes inorder to understand information security implications
  •   Anyone who is considering a career in Penetration Testing

Learning Objectives

The course consists of eleven modules:

  •   Module 1 – Soft Skills and Assessment Management
  •   Module 2 – Core Technical Skills
  •   Module 3 – Information Gathering & Open Source
  •   Module 4 – Networking Equipment
  •   Module 5 – Microsoft Windows Security Assessment
  •   Module 6 – Unix Security Assessment
  •   Module 7 – Web Technologies
  •   Module 8 – Web Testing Methodologies
  •   Module 9 – Web Testing Techniques
  •   Module 10 – Databases
  •   Module 11 - Preparation for the CPSA exam


A good appreciation of the technical aspects of ICT. Foundation Certificate in Cyber Security and or BCS Certificate in Information Security Management Principles is recommmended.

Course Content

MODULE 1 - Soft Skills and Assessment Management

  •   Engagement Lifecycle
  •   Law & Compliance
  •   Scoping
  •   Understanding Explaining and Managing Risk
  •   Record Keeping, Interim Reporting & Final Results

MODULE 2 - Core Technical Skills

  •   IP Protocols
  •   Network Architectures
  •   Network Mapping & Target Identification
  •   Interpreting Tool Output
  •   Filtering Avoidance Techniques
  •   OS Fingerprinting
  •   Application Fingerprinting and Evaluating
  •   Unknown Services
  •   Network Access Control Analysis
  •   Cryptography
  •   Applications of Cryptography
  •   File System Permissions
  •   Audit Techniques

MODULE 3 - Networking Equipment

  •   Registration Records
  •   Domain Name Server (DNS)
  •   Customer Web Site Analysis
  •   Google Hacking and Web Enumeration
  •   NNTP Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
  •   Information Leakage from Mail & News Headers

MODULE 4 - Management Protocols

  •   Network Traffic Analysis
  •   Networking Protocols
  •   IPSec
  •   VoIP
  •   Wireless
  •   Configuration Analysis
  •   Information Gathering & Open Source

MODULE 5 - Microsoft Windows Security Assessment

  •   Domain Reconnaissance
  •   User Enumeration
  •   Active Directory
  •   Windows Passwords
  •   Windows Vulnerabilities
  •   Windows Patch Management Strategies
  •   Desktop Lockdown
  •   Exchange
  •   Common Windows Applications

MODULE 6 - Unix Security Assessment

  •   User Enumeration
  •   Unix Vulnerabilities
  •   FTP
  •   Sendmail / SMTP
  •   Network File System (NFS)
  •   R* services X11
  •   RPC services
  •   SSH

MODULE 7 - Web Technologies

  •   Web Server Operation
  •   Web Servers & their Flaws
  •   Web Enterprise Architectures
  •   Web Protocols
  •   Web Mark-up Languages
  •   Web Programming Languages
  •   Web Application Servers
  •   Web APIs
  •   Web Sub- Components

MODULE 8 - Web Testing Methodologies

  •   Web Application Reconnaissance
  •   Threat Modelling and Attack Vectors
  •   Information Gathering from Web Mark-up
  •   Authentication Mechanisms
  •   Authorisation Mechanisms
  •   Input Validation
  •   Information Disclosure in Error Messages
  •   Use of Cross Site Scripting Attacks
  •   Use of Injection Attacks
  •   Session Handling
  •   Encryption
  •   Source Code Review

MODULE 9 - Databases

  •   Microsoft SQL Server
  •   Oracle RDBMS
  •   Web / App / Database Connectivity

MODULE 10 - Preparation for the CPSA and CRT exams

  •   Examination guidance
  •   Mock exam


Continual assessment, with topic quizzes and module tests ensure that you understand the knowledge and learn the skills delivered in each module.

London - International House



International House
3rd Floor
1 St Katharines Way



International House is a premier training centre located close to Tower Bridge, between St Katharine Dock and the Tower of London.

Car parking

The nearest car park is the NCP at Whitechapel High Street.


  • London Fenchurch Street Rail – 12 minute walk
  • London Cannon Rail – 20 minute walk
  • London Bridge Rail – 25 minute walk 


  • Tower Gate Way -  8 minute walk 
  • Tower Hill – 10 minute walk
  • Aldgate - 15 minutes walk  
  • Aldgate East – 17 minute walk
  • Monument – 18 minute walk 
  • Bank - 22 minute walk  
  • London Bridge Underground – 25 Minute walk


Routes 42, 78 and RV1 use the Tower of London stop (TL) on St. Katharine’s Way, just outside International House.

Delegates are provided with a Pearson Vue exam voucher for the CPSA examination as part of the course fee. The CPSA examination (booked directly with CREST) also includes an intermediate level of web application security testing and methods to identify common web application security vulnerabilities. The examination covers a common set of core skills and knowledge that assess the candidate’s technical knowledge. The candidate must demonstrate that they are able to perform basic infrastructure and web application testing and interpret the results to locate security vulnerabilities. Success will confer the CREST Practitioner status to the individual.

This qualification is a pre-requisite for the CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT) examination and comprises a multiple-choice examination. CRT is available as a separate course.

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