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Advanced Dark Web

A follow on advanced course for those delegates that have attended 'The Dark Web'.

With the seizure of the Silk Road in 2013; a website trading in hundreds of millions of dollars of narcotics, the world became aware of what is known as The Dark Web. An anonymous and encrypted section of the internet The Dark Web allows criminals and human rights activists alike to avoid the people hunting them. There are a number of key technologies that have allowed The Dark Web to flourish, from cryptocurrency Bitcoin to software that allows anonymity such as Tor. This advanced Dark Web course builds on the one day Dark Web course and goes into significantly more depth about how exactly the technologies work.

The intended audience is for those requiring intelligence or evidence from the Dark Web and those looking for more advanced knowledge of the theory behind the software. This will usually be those working in government or law enforcement though may also be in the private sector.

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Learning Objectives

This course will allow delegates to:

  • Use and describe how Tor works in depth
  • Understand the Tor Protocol and Network
  • Describe how Tor Hidden Services (THS) are created and work, build a THS.
  • Use Tor on mobile devices, understand the leaky devices
  • Use and describe how Bitcoin works
  • Explore a number of the other Dark webs


The one-day Dark Web (QADW) course is a pre-requisite for attended this Advanced Dark Web course. Introduction to Open Source Intelligence course would also be a useful prerequisite.

Course Content

Module 1 - Tor (Advanced)

  • Privacy and security
  • What is Tor
  • How Tor works
  • Circuit building
  • Directory Authorities and consensus document
  • Tor Metrics
  • Bridges

Module 2 -Tor Hidden Servicers (THS)

  • How to create a THS
  • How THS work
  • Attacks against the Tor network

Module 3 -Tor Apps

  • Tor Chat, Tor Messenger
  • Tails
  • Tor on Android and IPhone

Module 4 - Other Dark Webs

  • I2p
  • Freenet

Module 5 - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

  • How Bitcoin works
  • Advanced Block chain
  • Proof-of-work
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