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NEBOSH Health & Safety Management for Construction (New 2021)

The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction course is designed for managers, supervisors and site workers with health and safety responsibilities, working in the construction industry. 

The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction Certificate (Launched 2021) is one of the UK’s most widely respected and in-demand health and safety qualifications for the construction industry. 

This qualification covers the core health and safety issues involved in construction and aims to provide candidates with the practical skills and technical knowledge to manage construction workplace hazards.

In construction, utilities and other related industries, employers find that the NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction Certificate gives staff a sound understanding of managing workplace risks.

Enrolling staff on this course enables industry employers to improve the safety culture within their organisation, helping them to minimise workplace risks and injuries, as well as complying with the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations.

This NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction (UK) course replaces the NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction.

Who is this course suitable for?

The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction course is ideal for those working in the construction industry, including:

  • Construction Site Managers/Supervisors
  • Contractor Managers
  • Construction Health & Safety Advisors

If you wish to build a career in construction health and safety, this course offers the foundation you need to improve your skills and knowledge.

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Learning Objectives

  • Effectively manage health and safety on a construction site
  • Identify and control common workplace hazards on a construction site
  • Understand the UK’s legal requirements for managing health and safety in construction
  • Understand the importance and critical elements of health and safety management systems
  • Be aware of the duties of clients, designers, principal designers, principal contractors and contractors under the Construction Regulations 2015
  • Conduct and participate in incident investigations
  • Apply the principles and practice of risk assessment
  • Identify and assess construction workplace hazards, such as those associated with excavation, working at height, demolition and workplace transport safety
  • Use methods for controlling identified workplace hazards within the construction industry
  • Advise on duties under constructions legislation
  • Manage contractors safely

Course Content

  • Health and safety culture
  • CDM (Construction Design and Management) roles and responsibilities
  • Assessing construction site risk
  • Managing change
  • Mobile plant and vehicles
  • Work equipment
  • Electrical safety
  • Fire safety
  • Chemical & Biological Health Hazards and Risk Control
  • Physical & Psychological Health
  • Working at Height
  • Excavation and Demolition
  • Demolition & Deconstruction – Hazards & Risk Control

Next steps

Many students also progress to the NEBOSH National Diploma (Grad IOSH) and, from there, to chartered status (CMIOSH).

Exams & Certification

The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction Certificate course consists of one assessment:

  • An open book examination - Candidates will have 48 hours to complete this written examination from home. Candidates are required to answer a set of questions relating to a real-life scenario.

NEBOSH external examiners will evaluate the open-book assessment.

What is an Open Book Exam?
An open book exam assesses the same learning outcomes as an invigilated, paper-based exam. With an open book exam, you can have access to textbooks, course notes and the internet.

You can complete an open book exam in your own home, or another suitable location. You will have up to 24 hours to complete the NEBOSH open book exam, but we find that most candidates only take 4 – 5 hours.

The open book exam will assess your ability to apply your knowledge, as well as testing your analytical and critical thinking skills.

What is a closing interview?
Following the open book exam is a short closing interview, which takes approximately 15 minutes. The purpose of the interview is to confirm that the work you have submitted is your own and that you did not have any assistance in completing your NEBOSH assessment.

The closing interview takes place via video call, which you can access via smartphone, tablet or computer.

The interviewer will ask to see identification, you need to provide either your passport, driving license or national identity card. The interviewer needs to see the room that you are in to ensure you don’t have access to notes during the interview.

The interviewer will ask you questions based on your open book exam, your work and your submission.

Your closing interview is not an assessment, so you won’t receive a mark. If the interviewer is happy that the work is your own, your mark will be published in line with NEBOSH timeframes.

For more information, visit the NEBOSH guide to Open Book Exams.

External examiners mark both assessments and are appointed by NEBOSH. Each examiner is chosen for their experience and expertise, ensuring candidates are assessed by the best in our industry.

When and how will I receive my NEBOSH results?
Results are notified by NEBOSH after completing the course. NEBOSH send out the results 10-12 weeks after the exams. Your certificates will arrive after the results have been announced.

What level are NEBOSH qualifications?
NEBOSH Certificates are level 3, which is equivalent to an A level qualification. NEBOSH Diplomas are level 6, which is equivalent to an Honours Degree.

Are there any entry requirements for NEBOSH Certificates?
There are no entry requirements, which makes the NEBOSH Certificate an ideal starting point for your health and safety training. Learners must have a suitable standard of English language to understand and articulate the concepts contained in the syllabus.

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