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VMware VOD VMware Horizon View: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.2] Video Learning


This hands-on training course builds your skills in the VMware® Horizon View™ suite of products: VMware® View Manager™, VMware® View Composer™, and VMware® ThinApp®. This course is based on the Horizon View 5.2 and ThinApp 4.7 releases. VMware Video on Demand offers a powerful alternative to traditional classroom training, delivering modular videos that can be accessed any time, anywhere, and from any device.

VMware On Demand is a robust, self-paced learning solution delivering modular training combined with hands-on practice labs, giving you a powerful alternative to traditional classroom training.

What's Included

This package includes:

  •   Compelling: Interactive modules with labs that build as you progress.
  •   Comprehensive: Rich content equivalent to classroom training that meets certification course requirements, including final assessments. Some courses also include bonus items like exam vouchers.
  •   Convenient: 30 days to access the content multiple times at your pace.

Course Introduction

  •   Introductions and course logistics
  •   Course objectives

Introduction to VMware Horizon View

  •   Introduce View features and components

View Connection Server

  •   Install and configure View Connection Server

VMware Horizon View Desktops

  •   Introduce View Agent
  •   Describe PCoIP and Remote Desktop Protocol remote display protocols
  •   Explain USB redirection and multimedia redirection

VMware View Client Options

  •   Introduce VMware® View™ Client
  •   Introduce VMware® View™ Client with Local Mode
  •   Describe HTML clients, thin clients, and zero clients
  •   Introduce Virtual Printing with View Client

View Administrator

  •   Configure the Horizon View environment
  •   Manage users, sessions, and policies
  •   Configure and provision automated pools of desktops
  •   Explain role-based delegated administration
  •   Monitor the Horizon View environment

Configuring and Managing Linked Clones

  •   Introduce View Composer operations
  •   Deploy and provision linked-clone desktops
  •   Manage linked-clone desktops
  •   Manage persistent disks

Local-Mode Desktops

  •   Configure local-mode desktops
  •   Describe View Transfer Server and the Transfer Server repository
  •   Describe local-mode operations

Managing VMware Horizon View Security

  •   Describe network configuration and authentication options
  •   Configure the Horizon View security server

View Persona Management

  •   Configure user profiles with View Persona Management
  •   Describe View Persona Management and Windows roaming profiles
  •   Configure a View Persona Management deployment
  •   Describe best practices for a View Persona Management deployment

Command-Line Tools and Backup Options

  •   Introduce vdmadmin utility
  •   Describe client systems in kiosk mode
  •   Back up the Horizon View databases
  •   Restore the Horizon View databases

View Connection Server Performance and Scalability

  •   Describe replica connection servers
  •   Explain performance considerations and load balancing

VMware Horizon Application Manager

  •   Ensure that VMware® Horizon Application Manager™ is working
  •   Introduce Application Manager components
  •   Describe single sign-on from Horizon View to Horizon View desktops
  •   Enable browser access to Horizon View desktops through Horizon View
  •   Entitle applications by using Horizon View

VMware ThinApp

  •   Use ThinApp to capture applications
  •   Deploy and update ThinApp packages
  •   Virtualize Internet Explorer 6 for use on a Windows 7 system
  •   Manage ThinApp applications in Horizon View

More Information


  •   Before attending this course, you must be able to perform the following tasks:
  •   Create a template in VMware® vCenter Server™ and deploy a virtual machine from the template.
  •   Modify a template customization file.
  •   Open a virtual machine console in vCenter Server and access the guest operating system.
  •   Configure Active Directory services.

Required Prerequisites

  •   Experience in Microsoft Windows Active Directory administration
  •   Experience with VMware® vSphere®

Recommended Prerequisites

  •   Completion of VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage


  •   Install and configure Horizon View components.
  •   Create and manage dedicated and floating desktop pools.
  •   Deploy and manage linked-clone virtual desktops.
  •   Configure and manage desktops that run in local mode.
  •   Configure user profiles with View Persona Management.
  •   Configure secure access to desktops through a public network.
  •   Use ThinApp to package applications.
  •   Entitle applications by using Horizon View.

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