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Skills Pass (£10,000)


Get the benefits of Skills Pass

The Focus on Training Skills Pass provides even better value for you and your organisation in the form of a training credit. A 12 month SKILLS PASS can be spent on any Focus on Training Classroom, Virtual or Online training course, and includes Onsite bookings too. And you don't have to specify exactly what or when in advance.

Our Skills Pass provides you with the tools to monitor your training spend - and a dedicated Account Manager to ensure you get even more from your budget.

What's Included

Lock in more savings with the £10,000 Skills Pass

  • Get 10% extra spend*
  • No admin fee for name changes**
  • No admin fee on course transfers within 26 working days**
  • Dedicated Account Man-ager and monthly usage statement
  • 12 months to spend

More Information

Terms & Conditions

  • Skills Pass can be spent on any Focus Classroom, Virtual or Online training course and includes In House / Onsite Bookings (Please Note: In House / Onsite Bookings are not included in the discounting scheme detailed below and are priced separately. You can use Training Credits to pay for In House / Onsite Bookings at the price agreed at the time of the booking)
  • Skills Pass can be used for anyone in your organisation but training must be booked by the original purchaser unless we receive alternative written instruction.
  • The 5% Skills Pass bonus only applies if you make a commitment of at least £5,000 
  • The 10% Skills Pass Bonus only applies if you make a commitment of at least £10,000 
  • Skills Passes are available for use as soon as payment is received.
  • Skills Passes are non-refundable and can only be exchanged for training. They expire after 1 year.
  • In the event that a customer decides to cancel a Skills Pass before the first service/course has been booked (and within the 12 month Training Credits period) Focus on Training will refund the Skills Pass cost subject to an administration charge equivalent to 10% of the amount paid.
  • When making a booking on the Focus web site use the “Reserve a Place” option rather than “Buy Now”.
  • Courses can be paid for with a combination of Skills Pass and other means such as credit card or cheque.
  • Once the Skills Pass amount is exceeded the outstanding balance can be paid for by purchasing a further Skills pass (on the terms at that time) or by other means such as credit card or cheque.

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