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Selling & Sales Skills eLearning


The Guide to Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales Training Course will offer you invaluable advice about how to sell yourself, your products or your services.

Whether selling yourself to your new partner, your boss, a new job or just to raise your visibility generally. Treat yourself as a product, much like anything else that we sell.

You could have an idea for a new business, or a small business that you would like to grow faster – whatever your reason for looking at this course you are bound to pick up lots of ideas and guidance for your business.

Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales Syllabus

This 1st module is made up of 6 detailed sessions. An overview of each session can be found below:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding fundamental business rules
  • Branding
  • Drive business to your website
  • Marketing you and your company
  • Sell like a pro

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