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Learn to Code Video Learning


This course will introduce you to coding (aka programming, software development) and will take you through the basics in an engaging and supportive environment. Best of all you will build your first application so you can really experience how code works, see it in action and understand the fundamentals.

Nearly 60% of people think computer coding is an important skill for today's job market and nearly 50% of people would like to learn how to program a computer.

We use code to build websites, apps, games and even to control our cars and washing machines. In fact the world is now completely reliant on software, and learning to code is the first step in demystifying what is sometimes thought of as a black art.

Learning to code is a vital skill and in September 2014 coding was introduced to the school timetable for every child aged 5-16 years old, making the UK the first major G20 economy in the world to implement this on a national level.

Target Audience:

Whether you want to follow a career in software development, code as a hobby or are simply just interested in understanding a bit more about how code works then this course is for you. You will leave the course with a really good appreciation of how software works, how to read it and how to write some basic commands - for many this may be the start of an exciting new journey.

What's Included

You will receive Tutor support throughout the duration of the course

You will have 12 months access to this course

More Information


The course assumes no prior knowledge of coding. You will need to be familiar with using a computer as a user (eg using email, Office application and websites) but no technical computer skills are required or assumed.


  •   Read and write basic code
  •   Think like a programmer - use logic to design a program
  •   Find errors (bugs) in code and fix them
  •   Appreciate how code works and how it fits into the wider world of software development


Getting started

  •   Types of languages
  •   Programming tools
  •   How programs work

Think like a programmer

  •   Using logic to control programs

Build your first application

  •   Design, code, test

Taking it further

  •   Using more advanced coding techniques

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