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NEBOSH National General Certificate Online


The NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is one of the UK’s most popular and widely respected health and safety qualifications. More than 200,000 people have passed the General Certificate, and it is considered the industry standard. There is now an updated syllabus, reflecting the roles of a health and safety professional in the year 2020.

The NEBOSH General Certificate course provides a valuable overview of the core aspects of occupational health and safety, equipping you with the skills to manage workplace risks effectively.

The National Educational Board in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH) is an independent examination board delivering vocational qualifications in health, safety and environmental practice and management. 87% of UK employers ask for a NEBOSH qualification when they are recruiting for health and safety roles.

Who is this course suitable for?

Relevant to every workplace, the NEBOSH National General Certificate is ideal if you are a manager or supervisor and have health and safety management responsibilities. We also recommend this course if you are embarking on a career in health and safety, or wish to advance your career.  

What's Included

Duration: 113 hours

NG1 & NG2 exams are included within this course package.

The online exams are run by NEBOSH every two months. 

NEBOSH National General Certificate NG1 & NG2 Audiobook

We understand how passing a NEBOSH qualification can be difficult. If not delivered in an engaging way, learning a vast amount of health and safety information can become an arduous task.

Reading course material over and over again can be a limited form of studying. Using a combination of different learning methods on the other hand, will help you to retain the information more easily and increase your chances of passing the course.

To assist candidates with their learning, we provide the NEBOSH National General Certificate NG1 & NG2 Audiobook which includes our entire course materials in audio format.

Once you have made the purchase, you will be able to access the audiobook via a secure login portal on our website. From here, you can download the audiobooks and listen to them on the website, or transfer them onto your mp3 player and access course material on the go. With this added flexibility, you can be in control of when and how you learn, without being restricted to a computer screen.

You will also get access to free, unlimited updates, meaning you won't have to re-purchase the audiobook.


Optional Extras (please order at the time of booking the online course)

National General Certificate Revision Module - £39.95 + VAT

More Information

Learning outcomes:

  • Effectively manage health and safety.
  • Identify and control common workplace hazards.
  • Measure if you’ve been successful.
  • Understand the UK’s legal requirements.
  • Confidently carry out risk assessments.
  • Develop and implement a detailed action plan.
  • Manage and minimise workplace risks.
  • Support and develop your company’s health and safety culture.

NEBOSH General Certificate programme

Unit NG1: Management of Health and Safety

  • Element 1 Why we should manage workplace health and safety.
  • Element 2 How health and safety management systems work and what they look like.
  • Element 3 Managing risk — understanding people and processes.
  • Element 4 Health and safety monitoring and measuring.

Unit NG2: Risk Assessment

  • Element 5 Physical and psychological health.
  • Element 6 Musculoskeletal health.
  • Element 7 Chemical and biological agents.
  • Element 8 General workplace issues.
  • Element 9 Work equipment.
  • Element 10 Fire.
  • Element 11 Electricity.


The updated NEBOSH NGC course now consists of two assessments:

  • Unit NG1 includes an open book exam, which you do from home.
  • Unit NG2 is a practical risk assessment, carried out at your workplace. This is longer than the previous GC3 assessment.

Please note that NEBOSH hold exams on a monthly basis. NG1 & NG2 exams are included within this course package.

What is an Open Book Exam?
An open book exam assesses the same learning outcomes as an invigilated, paper-based exam. With an open book exam, you can have access to textbooks, course notes and the internet.

You can complete an open book exam in your own home, or another suitable location. You will have up to 24 hours to complete the NEBOSH open book exam, but we find that most candidates only take 4 – 5 hours.

The open book exam will assess your ability to apply your knowledge, as well as testing your analytical and critical thinking skills.

What is a closing interview?
Following the open book exam is a short closing interview, which takes approximately 15 minutes. The purpose of the interview is to confirm that the work you have submitted is your own and that you did not have any assistance in completing your NEBOSH assessment.

The closing interview takes place via video call, which you can access via smartphone, tablet or computer.

The interviewer will ask to see identification, you need to provide either your passport, driving license or national identity card. The interviewer needs to see the room that you are in to ensure you don’t have access to notes during the interview.

The interviewer will ask you questions based on your open book exam, your work and your submission.

Your closing interview is not an assessment, so you won’t receive a mark. If the interviewer is happy that the work is your own, your mark will be published in line with NEBOSH timeframes.

For more information, visit the NEBOSH guide to Open Book Exams.

External examiners mark both assessments and are appointed by NEBOSH. Each examiner is chosen for their experience and expertise, ensuring candidates are assessed by the best in our industry.

Next steps

Many people who have passed the NEBOSH certificate progress to studying the NEBOSH National Diploma, which is a degree-level qualification.

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