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BCS Modelling Business Processes Online (inc. Exam)


This accredited online course will fully prepare you for the Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes from the British Computer Society (BCS).

The exam is included. Please note that this needs to be taken at our exam centre in central London.

business analysis online training course 


This course provides a framework, skills and techniques that will enable students to model business processes and deliver process improvements.

A realistic case study is used to practise key techniques including:

• Modelling an organisation
• The organisational view
• Analysing tasks
• Managing and measuring processes
• Creating AS-IS and TO-BE process models

Important related issues such as human performance and process measurement are also covered along with theoretical concepts supported by detailed case studies.  


What's Included

You can undertake the course and prepare thoroughly for the BCS accredited exam, all at your own pace and from any location.

- Fully interactive course structure enables you to learn at your own pace
- Comprehensive and detailed course content
- Written by experienced BCS examiners and experts
- Questions on all sections of the course allow you to regularly reinforce your learning
- Recorded tests at the end of each module let you compare your results in your online gradebook
- Access to further online reading on each module of the course to strengthen knowledge
- Advice, hints and tips on learning and how best to prepare for the exam
- Assistance from experienced tutors if required

More Information

Who is it for?

Those seeking to gain practical skills in modelling processes and delivering process improvements.

Modelling Business Processes is an optional module for the BCS Business Analysis Diploma.


None - though if you are new to Business Analysis we recommend that you start with the Business Analysis Foundation course.


How long does the course take to complete?

The course lasts approximately 21 hours.

You will have unlimited access to the course for 40 days from date of initial access. (Extended access can be arranged for an additional fee.)


How do I complete the exam?

The exam is taken at our centre at Heddon Street, London W1B 4BD

There are exam sessions on Thursdays - twice each month.


What format is the exam?

One hour, scenario based, written exam with 15 mins reading time. Open book. The pass mark is 50%.


What are the technical requirments?

Delivery of the course is online. A reliable broadband connection of at least 2Mb is required.

Apple/iPad are not currently supported.

What does the online course cover?

The organisational view
The business environment
Types of customer
Value chain analysis and value propositions

Modelling business processes
‘As is’ business process models
Business events and business rules

Analysing tasks
Identifying tasks
Documenting tasks
Defining steps in the task
Decisions and business rules

Human aspects of performance
Support required
Skill requirements
Feedback and consequences

Managing and measuring processes
Organisation vs. customer expectations
Customer value expectations
Departmental and process measures

Process improvement and redesign
‘To be’ business process models
Process problems:
- Process disconnects
- Handoffs and delays
- Lack of IT support
Process redesign patterns
- Re-engineering
- Simplification
- Value-added
- Automation

Implementation issues
Organisation design
People issues
Procedure design
Managing change

IT support for business processes
Defining IT requirements from process models

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