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Agile Scrum Foundation Online


The Agile Scrum Foundation teaches an understanding of Agile principles and Scrum methodology; perfect for anyone leading or working on projects. Covering Agile ways of thinking, Scrum practices, planning and estimation plus how to monitor Scrum projects, this course is ideal, not just for Project Managers, but also for those working in software development, IT service management or business management.

The Agile Scrum Foundation is ideal for those working in Project Management, Software development, IT Service Management or Business Management.

This certification offers a broad understanding of Agile principles and an examination of the Scrum framework – practices and methodologies that are widely used in software development and increasingly in other areas of the business. There are 29 easy to absorb lessons covering Agile thinking and Scrum Practices, including video tutorials, study guides and quizzes.

This course provides you with the option to watch the videos as many times as you need to ensure that you fully understand the concepts before moving on - the flexibility of the on-demand learning allows you to learn at the times you’re available.

Length: 60 Days access

What's Included

Delegates will receive 60 days access to the course material

Course content

The main sections of the syllabus are:

  • Agile Way of Thinking
  • Scrum Roles and Events
  • Scrum Practices
  • Scrum Planning
  • Scrum Estimation
  • Scrum Monitoring   
  • Advanced Scrum Concepts

More Information

Learning Objectives

You will already know that Agile Scrum Foundation certification can open doors for your career as you gain the relevant skills that are in high demand, but what will you actually learn? One of the key learning objectives is to “describe the Agile Manifesto and recognize parts of the Agile framework such as pair programming, test driven development, continuous integration, continuous refactoring and collective code ownership.” By studying this course, you will learn the common language of Agile and Scrum and this will help to build your confidence as you gain knowledge and understanding of how the practices are applied, or can be applied, in your organization.

Another key learning objective is to “recognize how to apply Scrum in different situations such as in large, complex projects, different types of contracts, with distributed teams or an Agile workspace.” This illustrates the flexibility of the Scrum framework and will help you to visualise different ways of applying this adaptive technique in the enterprise.

Course prerequisites

This course does not require any existing knowledge of either Agile or Scrum

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