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SAFe Fellowships Coaching & Consulting Online


All of our SAFe training courses and certifications are delivered by full accredited partners. We offer SAFe courses from Advanced Agility, Ivar Jacobson, Radtac, QA Ltd and Value Glide.

Fellow Connect

Online coaching and consulting with our two superstars, awarded SAFe Fellowships by Scaled Agile Inc

Connect with SAFe Fellows

Draw upon their deep knowledge of SAFe and other industry frameworks to attack the challenges that your teams face, helping them and your organization develop software better, faster, cheaper and happier!

Our scaled agile software development experts are second to none worldwide in helping organizations improve the way they develop software.  Whether you are facing a large-scale agile transformation, or you just need to get your small team working well, we can help. 

This personal, remote coaching and consulting opportunity gives you quality time with our world leading experts in the principles, practices and competencies for lean and agile development at any scale. 

Fellow Connect

Who will benefit?

Our online consultancy packages are available to anybody and everybody with a keen interest in better understanding the principles, practices and competencies of a lean and agile organization.

  • Change Agents, Managers, Leaders
  • Lean Portfolio Managers
  • SAFe Product Owners/Managers
  • SAFe Architects
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Teams

Get superstar help, tailored to you!

No two agile journeys are the same – discover how our Fellows earned their stripes, the personal attributes that drive their passion and how their own experiences can inspire your team.

Popular topics to discuss with our Fellows include the mechanics of SAFe, how to plan a Scaled Agile implementation, the essentials of Lean Portfolio Management, lean governance and compliance in regulated environments and developing agile contracts.

Meet our SAFe Fellows:

Ian Spence - Chief Scientist, SAFe® Fellow & SPCT: Ian specializes in large-scale agile adoptions and practice-based organizational change. An experienced agile coach he has worked with 100s of projects to introduce iterative and agile practices, working with development teams ranging from 5 – 150 people. He has also led numerous successful, large-scale transformation projects in fields as diverse as government, telecommunications, finance, and internet start-ups, working with development organization of 5 – 5,000 people. His current interests are agile for large projects, agile out-sourcing, and driving sustainable change with agile measurements. He is also the co-author of two influential software development books, “Use Case Modeling” and “Managing Iterative Software Development Projects”, and the team lead for the development of the SEMAT kernel. Ian was one of the first European SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCT).

Brian Tucker - Principal Consultant, SAFe Fellow, SPCT: Brian was one of the first trainers outside of the Scaled Agile Academy to qualify as a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) having worked with the framework since its initial inception ten years ago. Brian regularly delivers the SAFe Program Consultant training, co-teaching with Ian Spence and occasionally collaborating with Dean Leffingwell. Brian has been involved in SAFe implementations at numerous companies across Europe including hybris, PZU, Ford and Nordea. Brian is a highly proficient Agile and Scrum coach and trainer with extensive management experience in both corporate and small company situations, backed up with 11 years of software development experience.

What's Included

How it works

  • Buy your first hour with a SAFe Fellow, who will call at a time of your choosing
  • When you want more time, our SAFe Fellows will help to create a plan, providing you with the best value for the extra hours bought, all at no extra cost
  • Arrange a date and time, then accelerate your transformation!

Please note that the purchase of this package is for your first 1 hour consultation with a SAFe Fellow

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