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Value Stream Mapping for DevOps

A value stream contains all of the steps that are currently performed to deliver products and services to end-users and customers, whether they add value or not. Value stream mapping has been identified as a critical skill for organisations adopting a DevOps approach. This workshop provides a practical understanding and hands-on experience with Value Stream Mapping. It was built in partnership with Mike Orzen, a recognised and prominent Lean thought leader and author.

Key Features of this Training:

  • Participate in unique activities designed to apply training
  • Take sample documents, templates, tools and techniques with you post-training
  • Access to DevOps Institute additional reference sources

Who would benefit from this training?

While anyone involved in defining a DevOps strategy and program would benefit from this workshop, the target audience includes: Developers and Operational staff, IT Managers, Project Managers, Continuous Delivery Architects, Security professionals, and Business stakeholders.

How is this course different from other Lean Certification Trainings (Yellow Belt, or LeanIT)?

Neither of these additional Lean trainings focus on the application of Lean to DevOps Processes. Value Stream Mapping for DevOps applies the Lean Management method for analysing the current and desired future state for events that take a product or service from its beginning through to the customer with reduced wastes in a DevOps environment. The Lean Yellow Belt training is delivered in 4 half-day, all virtual sessions, to explore the concepts of lean, basic tools and techniques, and the integration of lean culture, rapid process improvement, lean metrics and ideas for sustaining lean within any organisation. Lean Yellow Belt address process improvement methods including 5S, Value Stream Mapping, and Kaizen. The Lean IT two-day training focuses on transforming organisational culture to put customer value at the centre of every IT operation. It trains on you to implement a rigorous problem-solving process to achieve greater strategic and financial value. Lean IT is an extension of Lean manufacturing where the concept is centreed around the elimination of waste.

How is this course different from Impact Mapping: Focusing on Business Value in Agile Development?

The audience for the Agile Impact Mapping is focused on training Business Analysts and Scrum Product Owners/Managers to identify and prioritise a projects true business goals through visual collaborative planning, driven by business value. This Value Stream Mapping for DevOps workshop applies this planning practise to DevOps and to the organisation, identifying and correcting barriers to flow. The two courses are complimentary in nature both taking a similar but unique approach.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn about value stream mapping methods
  • Understand how value stream mapping applies to DevOps
  • Learn to value stream map by doing
  • Be aware of common mistakes when using value stream mapping
  • Be equipped with a tool they can apply now


Familiarity with IT software development and operations responsibilities.

Course Content

  • Lean IT/DevOps Refresher
  • Why Value Stream Mapping for DevOps?
  • Introductory Concepts
  • IT SIPOC Case Study
  • Current State Value Stream Mapping
  • Current State VSM Case Study
  • Barriers to Flow
  • Summary, Reflection, & Homework
  • Breaking the Barrier of Flow
  • Future State Value Stream Mapping
  • Future State VSM Case Study
  • Reports Outs & Feedback
  • Leveraging VSM to Drive DevOps
  • Developing a Plan of Action
  • Common Mistakes and Hazards
  • Summary, Takeaways & Next Steps

Exams & Certification

Industry Credits

16 PMI PDUs (Although DOI has not currently been issued an official code to submit for PMI PDU credit, you can submit for credit successfully by way of the “Other” category at the PMI website. Essentially, 1 PDU credit per hour of instructor-led training. So, in the case of DevOps Foundation, 16 credits would be applicable.)

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