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Excel - 2013 Intermediate

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Name Excel - 2013 Intermediate
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The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge required to use more advanced formulas and work with various tools to analyse data in spreadsheets, such as sorting, filtering, conditional formatting and auditing. You will also organise table data and present data as charts. You will discover how Excel spreadsheets are constructed and be given a clear path on how to create templates. The course emphasises hands-on experience, with a series of self-guided exercises integrated into the training.

Please note this course contains a taster session on PivotTables. Detailed training on this subject is covered in our Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced course.

Target Audience
This course is aimed at end users who have taken the following QA course or have equivalent knowledge: Microsoft Excel 2013 Introduction.

Learning Objectives

Delegates will learn how to

  • Calculate with advanced formulas
  • Audit work using the auditing tools
  • Work with Excel tables
  • Organise worksheet data so that data can be sorted and filtered
  • Create and modify charts
  • Apply conditional formatting
  • Create Excel templates


  • Create basic spreadsheets
  • Select and edit data
  • Perform basic formatting
  • Open, close and save files
  • Create basic formulas - AutoSum
  • Use Insert Function to create built-in functions
  • Work with absolute references
  • Use the AutoFill feature

Course Content

Lesson 1: Calculating With Advanced Formulas

  • Work with Range Names
  • Calculate Data across Worksheets
  • Use Specialised Functions
  • Use Statistical Functions
  • Use String Functions
  • Use Financial Functions
  • Analyse Data with Logical and Lookup Functions

Lesson 2: Auditing a Worksheet

  • Auditing Tools

Lesson 3: Working With Excel Tables

  • Identify Table Elements
  • Create an Excel Table
  • Format an Excel Table

Lesson 4: Organising Worksheet Data

  • Sort Data
  • Filter a List
  • Summarise Data with Subtotals

Lesson 5: Charts

  • Identify Charts
  • Create a Chart
  • Modify and Format a Chart
  • Create a Chart via the Quick Analysis Tool
  • Save a Custom Chart as a Chart Template
  • Analyse Data Using Sparklines
  • Add a Trendline to a Chart

Lesson 6: Working with Templates

  • Work with Templates
  • Create a Hyperlink
  • Add Comments

Lesson 7: Advanced Sorting

  • Advanced Sorting

Lesson 8: Advanced Filters

  • Advanced Filters
  • Use Database Functions
  • Use Outlines to Organise Data

Lesson 9: Apply Conditional Formatting

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Modify Existing Conditional Formats
  • Sort and Filter by Conditional Formats

Lesson 10: Appendix - Inserting Illustrations

  • SmartArt
  • Insert Images into a Spreadsheet
  • Insert Shapes into a Spreadsheet
  • Group and Layer Graphics

Lesson 11: Appendix - Excel Options

Lesson 12: Appendix - PivotTables

  • Taster - Recommended PivotTables

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