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Citrix ADC Essentials and Citrix Gateway

Special Notices

Please note: Effective August 3rd 2018 this course has been renamed from  'Citrix NetScaler 12.x Essentials and Unified Gateway' to 'Citrix ADC Essentials and Citrix Gateway'. Course content remains the same.


Please note: this course replaces CNS2221 'Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Unified Gateway'

Delegates who attend this course to learn the Unified Gateway functionality of Citrix NetScaler may choose to sit the two day CNS219 'Citrix NetScaler Traffic Management' course at a later date to learn about the Traffic management features in citrix NetScaler. Delegates who attend this course should not attend CNS2202 'Citrix NetScaler 12.x Essentials and Traffic Management' due to the duplication of subject matter.

Expand your NetScaler knowledge and skills by enrolling in this five-day course. It covers NetScaler essentials, including secure load balancing, high availability and operations management, and also focuses on Unified Gateway, and NetScaler Gateway. You will learn to deliver secure remote access to apps and desktops integrating XenApp and XenDesktop with Unified Gateway and NetScaler Gateway. This course is best suited for IT professionals, with little or no previous NetScaler experience, who will be deploying or managing NetScaler, NetScaler Gateway or Unified Gateway environments.

Is this course for you? Built for IT Professionals working with NetScaler, with little or no previous NetScaler experience. Potential students include administrators, engineers, and architects interested in learning how to deploy or manage NetScaler, NetScaler Gateway, or Unified Gateway environments.

Citrix Versions Covered: This course is currently on NetScaler version 12, but still applies to previous versions.


Learning Objectives

Identify the functionality and capabilities of the NetScaler

  •   Explain basic NetScaler network architecture
  •   Identify the steps and components to secure the NetScaler
  •   Configure Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing
  •   Integrate NetScaler Gateway with XenApp, XenDesktop and other Citrix components


Citrix course materials are only available to delegates in e-courseware format. Delegates will be provided with instructions on how to access their e-courseware on day one of the event. Those delegates who are attending via either virtual or extended classroom will be required to provide either three monitors (to view courseware, labs and instructor demos simultaneously) or two monitors and a mobile device. Delegates will be required to have an active TCC (Training.Citrix.com) account in order to access course materials and labs.

Please set up Your TCC account up in advance of the course using the following link:


Please note: It is highly recommended that the delegate uses a personal email address (rather than company email) to set up their TCC account. If you do not wish to reference your company name when setting up your TCC account we recommend you use 'EDUCALC' as reference.

Should you encounter any issues in setting up your TCC account please ensure that you raise this directly with Citrix in advance of your event by visiting http://training.citrix.com then on the home page click, Help, then select Classroom Support, and submit a Critical or High priority request notifying Citrix of the course start date.

Technical Prerequisites

Citrix recommends students prepare for this course by taking the following course: CNS-102 NetScaler Overview.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to NetScaler

  •   Feature and Platform Overview
  •   Deployment Options
  •   Architectural Overview
  •   Setup and Management

Module 2: Networking Topologies

  •   NetScaler Components
  •   Routing
  •   Access Control Lists

Module 3: NetScaler Platforms

  •   NetScaler MPX
  •   NetScaler VPX
  •   NetScaler CPX
  •   NetScaler SDX

Module 4: NetScaler High Availability

  •   High Availability Configuration
  •   Managing High Availability
  •   Troubleshooting High Availability

Module 5: Load Balancing

  •   Load Balancing Overview
  •   Load Balancing Methods and Monitors
  •   Load Balancing Traffic Types
  •   Load Balancing Protection
  •   Load Balancing Troubleshooting

Module 6: SSL Overview

  •   SSL Configuration
  •   SSL Offload
  •   Troubleshooting SSL Offload
  •   SSL Vulnerabilities and Protections

Module 7: Authentication, Authorization,and Auditing

  •   NetScaler MPX
  •   NetScaler VPX
  •   NetScaler CPX
  •   NetScaler SDX

Module 8: NetScaler Logging

  •   Monitoring with SNMP
  •   Reporting and Diagnostics
  •   AppFlow Functions
  •   NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS)
  •   Troubleshooting

Module 9: Unified Gateway

  •   Introduction to Unified Gateway
  •   Advantages and Utilities of Unified Gateway
  •   Unified Gateway Configuration

Module 10: AppExpert Expressions

  •   Introduction to AppExpert Policies
  •   Classic v. Default Policies
  •   Explore NetScaler Gateway Policies
  •   Policy Bind Points

Module 11: Authentication and Authorization

  •   Authentication and Authorization
  •   Multi-Factor Authentication
  •   Authentication and Authorization Policies
  •   Authentication Troubleshooting

Module 12: Managing Client Connections

  •   Introduction to Client Connections
  •   Session Policies and Profiles
  •   Pre and Post Authentication Policies
  •   NetScaler Gateway Deployment Options

Module 13: Integration for XenDesktop and XenApp Solutions

  •   XenApp and XenDesktop Integration
  •   NetScaler Gateway Integration
  •   NetScaler WebFront
  •   ICA Proxy
  •   Clientless Access and Receiver
  •   Access Fallback
  •   SmartControl and SmartAcess for ICA

Module 14: Configuring Unified Gateway

  •   Working with Apps on Unified Gateway
  •   RDP Proxy
  •   Portal Themes and EULA

Module 15: NetScaler Insight Center

  •   Introduction to NetScaler Insight
  •   Understanding AppFlow
  •   Components for NetScaler Insight
  •   HDX Insight and Gateway Insight

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