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Implementing Cisco Virtual Wide Area Application Services

The Cisco Virtual Wide-Area Application Services (vWAAS) solution provides performance optimisation for application data over the WAN. This course focuses on how to deploy, configure, operate, maintain and support a solution incorporating vWAAS. You will learn how to implement, integrate, install, manage and troubleshoot Cisco vWAAS solutions in diverse Data Center virtualisation environments,Enterprise networks and Virtual Private Clouds. At the end of the course you should be able to understand the Cisco vWAAS optimisation technologies, protocols, services, functions, advanced features and operations. Comprehensive labs are woven thoughout this course to ensure you can put the theory learnt into practice.

Target Audience:

Engineers involved in the deployment, implementation, configuration, operation and maintenance of a Cisco vWAAS infrastructure.

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Learning Objectives

After completing this course you should be able to :

  • Understand and describe the benefits and values of WAN application data optimisation and acceleration services provided by Cisco vWAAS network services virtualisation platform
  • Describe the Cisco vWAAS implementation options in Enterprise Data Center office, Branch office and Virtual Private Cloud networks
  • Understand how to manage Cisco vWAAS using vWAAS Central Manager GUI and Command-line interfaces
  • Configure, manage, monitor and troubleshoot Cisco vWAAS solutions
  • Understand Cisco AppNav and configure the Cisco vWAAS AppNav cluster
  • Configure vWAAS for using Akamai Connect features and Akamai Connect Servers on Content Delivery Networks
  • Understand how Cisco vNAM integrates with Cisco vWAAS to provide traffic optimization metrics and statistics
  • Understand how Cisco vWAAS can be deployed on Virtual Private Clouds (VPC)


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Fundamental Knowledge of Server Virtualisation and hypervisors
  • Fundamental Knowledge of Cloud Computing Infrastructure
  • Fundamental Knowledge of WAN Optimisation
  • Fundamental Knowledge on Network Protocols and Applications including HTTP,HTTPS,SSL,SMB,NFS,MAPI and VDI
  • CCNA Routing and Switching (Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices pt1, Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices pt2 or Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Boot Camp (CCNAX - Accelerated)) and CCNA Data Center (Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking and Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies) recommended.

Course Content

Introducing Cisco WAAS

  • Business Justification for Cisco vWAAS
  • Solution Components
  • Cisco vWAAS Administrative Interfaces
  • Benefits of Cisco vWAAS
  • Cisco WAAS Product Portfolio Overview
  • Cisco WAAS Physical Appliances
  • Virtual Appliance
  • Router-Integrated Cisco WAAS Express
  • Role of Central Manager
  • Navigate the GUI
  • Device Groups and Device Locations
  • Configure Cisco vWAAS Network Settings

Configuring Applications Acceleration in Cisco vWAAS

  • Application Acceleration Basics
  • Accelerate HHTP/HTTPS Traffic
  • Accelerate SMB Traffic
  • Accelerate NFS Traffic
  • Accelerate VDI Traffic
  • Accelerate MAPI Traffic
  • Accelerate Encrypted MAPI Traffic
  • Accelerate SSL Traffic
  • vWAAS Optimisation Policies

Configuring Cisco AppNav

  • Introduction to Cisco AppNav
  • Cisco AppNav Policy
  • Preparing for Configuring Cisco AppNav Cluster
  • Creating a New AppNav Cluster with the Cisco AppNav Cluster Wizard
  • Configuring Cisco AppNav Policies
  • Configure CIsco AppNav Cluster Settings
  • Managing Devices in the Cisco AppNav Cluster
  • Monitoring Cisco AppNav Cluster
  • Cisco CSR 1000v AppNav XE Controller

Configuring Traffic Interception for Cisco vWAAS

  • Overview of Traffic Interception
  • Inline Mode Interception
  • AppNav Interception
  • Policy-Based Routing Interception
  • WCCP Traffic Interception
  • WCCP on Cisco WAEs

Configuring Cisco vWAAS with Akamai Connect

  • Introduction to Akamai Connect
  • Akamai Connect for Cisco vWAAS
  • Akamai Connect Proxy and Prepositioning

Managing Cisco vWAAS Devices Using AAA and RBAC

  • Introduction to Administrative Login Authentication and Authorisation
  • AAA Services for Cisco vWAAS
  • Introduction to RBAC and User Accounts Administration
  • Working with Roles
  • Working with Domains
  • Working with User Groups

Monitoring Cisco vWAAS

  • Viewing System and Device Information
  • Customising a Dashboard or Report
  • Cisco vWAAS General Charts
  • Cisco vWAAS Acceleration Charts
  • Cisco vWAAS Akamai Connected Cache Charts
  • Cisco vWAAS AppNav Charts
  • Cisco vWAAS Table Descriptions
  • Using Predefined Reports to Monitor Cisco vWAAS
  • Managing Reports on Cisco vWAAS
  • Configuring Flow Monitoring on Cisco vWAAS

Troubleshooting Cisco vWAAS

  • Alarm Panel, Alerts and Commands
  • Configuring and Viewing Logs
  • Using Diagnostic Tests
  • Additional Troubleshooting Tools

Cisco vWAAS on Virtual Private Clouds (VPC)

  • Introduction to VPC
  • Introduction to Cisco CSR 1000v Routers in VPC
  • Cisco CSR 1000v Router on Microsoft Azure VPC
  • Cisco CSR 1000v Router on Amazon AWS VPC
  • Cisco vWAAS Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure
  • Cisco vWAAS Virtual Machine on Amazon AWS
  • VM Servers on VPC


  • Discovery 1: Cisco vCM Product Installation and Setup
  • Discovery 2: Deploy and Setup a VWAAS Instance
  • Discovery 3: Perform Initial Setup of vWAAS Express:
  • Discovery 4: Navigate VWAAS and the vCM GUI
  • Discovery 5: Configure Device Groups and Device Locations
  • Discovery 6: Configure Network Settings
  • Discovery 7: Enable and Verify Cisco VWAAS Optimization
  • Discovery 8: Configure General Optimization Settings
  • Discovery 9: Configure Cisco VWAAS Traffic Acceleration
  • Discovery10: Configure and Monitor Cisco VWAAS AppNav Cluster
  • Discovery 11: Configure PBR Traffic Interception
  • Discovery 12: Configure WCCP Traffic Interception
  • Discovery 13: Enable Akamai Caching, Proxy, and Prepositioning
  • Discovery 14: Configure and Monitor Cache Optimizations with Akamai Connect
  • Discovery 15: Configure AAA for Cisco VWAAS
  • Discovery 16: Configure RBAC in Cisco VWAAS
  • Discovery 17: Work with Dashboard, Charts and Tables
  • Discovery 18: Work with Reports
  • Discovery 19: Use Alarms, Alerts, and Logs
  • Discovery 20: Work with Diagnostic Tests and Troubleshooting Tools
  • Discovery 21: Provision and Deploy a VWAAS Instance in Azure

Exams & Certification

There is no exam currently aligned to this course

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