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Administrating Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity Connection

This 5-day course is designed for individuals that will be performing administrative tasks within Cisco Unified Communication Manager.

Cisco Unity Connection, and Cisco Unified Communication Manager Instant Messaging & Presence solutions. The course will cover adds, moves and changes as well as the management of licensing via PLM. Self Provisioning, Hunt Groups, Conference Now and the analyzing of the Dial Plan have also been included. This course focuses on Cisco Unified Communications Manager v11.x

Target Audience

System Administrators and Networking Professionals who will be completing basic administrative tasks or level one support for Cisco's Unified Communications Manager, Unity Connection and Unified Communications Manager Instant Messaging & Presence Communication Solutions.

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Learning Objectives

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Understand and integrate a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Cisco Unity Connection (CUC), Cisco Unified Communications Manager Instant Messaging & Presence (CUCM IM&P) solution in a Collaboration infrastructure.


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Basic Knowledge of IP and Networking is recommended
  • Basic Knowledge of Windows Desktop Environment

Course Content

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

  • Understanding the Cisco Collaboration Architecture
  • Tuning System Parameters
  • Managing Licensing via the Prime License Manager
  • Understanding the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Web Interfaces
  • Configuring Cisco Unified IP Phones with Auto-registration, Self-Provisioning and Bulk Administration Tool
  • Managing users with LDAP synchronization
  • Implementing PSTN Gateways and SIP Trunks in CUCM
  • Implementing Dial Plan Connectivity
  • Defining Class of Control
  • Exploring and implementing Hunt Groups
  • Exploring and implementing Native Presence
  • Exploring and implementing Music on
  • Hold and Conferences
  • Exploring and implementing Phone Features
  • Exploring and implementing Extension Mobility
  • Maintaining Cisco Unified Communications Manager solution with Cisco Unified Reporting, Real-Time Monitoring Tool and Call Details Records Analysis and Reporting
  • Backing up and Restoring Cisco Unified Communications Manager database

Cisco Unity Connection

  • Understanding the Cisco Unity Connection Architecture
  • Understanding the integration options
  • Understanding the forwarding options to the
  • messaging voice mail
  • Understanding Call Handler concepts
  • Managing user accounts in Unity Connection
  • Creating voice mailboxes with LDAP and CUCM synchronization

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Instant Messaging and Presence

  • Understanding CUCM IM&P Architecture and Features
  • Understanding CUCM and CUCM IM&P roles for Cisco Jabber

Labs : Cisco Unified Communications Manager

  • Reviewing integration settings of Cisco Unified Communication Manager
  • Installing licenses on Prime License Manager
  • Controlling administrative rights with Roles and User Groups
  • Configuring phones in CUCM manually
  • Controlling access to Self Care Portal
  • Making phone screenshots
  • Implementing Class of Service
  • Implementing internal and external Call Routing
  • Implementing Call Routing redundancy and load balancing
  • Implementing SIP Trunk and Local Route Group
  • Controlling codec and bandwidth for the calls with Regions and Locations settings
  • Checking Dial Plan with Route Plan Report and Dialed Number Analyzer
  • Provisioning users With LDAP synchronization
  • Registering phones with Auto-registration and Self-Provisioning
  • Using Bulk Administration Tool for updating CUCM database
  • Implementing Hunt Groups and Call Queueing
  • Implementing Music on Hold
  • Implementing Ad hoc, Meet-me conferences and Conference Now
  • Controlling Media Resources access with Media Resource Group and Media Resource Group List
  • Implementing other Phone Features
  • Implementing CUCM Native Presence
  • Implementing Extension Mobility
  • Using Cisco Unified Reporting and Real-Time Monitoring Tool for maintening CUCM
  • Reporting call activity with CAR Tool
  • Backing up Cisco Unified Communications Manager database

Labs: Cisco Unity Connection

  • Reviewing integration settings of Cisco Unity Connection
  • Monitoring messaging port activity
  • Configuring voice mail boxes manually
  • Defining Class of Service and Authentication Rules
  • Tuning voice mail boxes settings
  • Synchronizing with CUCM to create voice mailboxes

Labs: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Instant Messaging & Presence

  • Reviewing integration settings of Cisco Unified Communication Manager Instant Messaging & Presence
  • Implementing Cisco Jabber in Phone-Only mode with CUCM only
  • Implementing Cisco Jabber in Full UC Mode with CUCM Instant Messaging & Presence
  • Testing Soft Phone and Desk Phone Control Mode of Cisco Jabber
  • Testing Cisco Jabber Features

Exams & Certification

Recommended as preparation for the following exams:

  • There are no exams currently associated to this course.

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