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Effective Change Management

This course introduces managers to a range of change management practices, techniques and tools that ensure your change is successful. You will gain practical strategic change implementation skills to enable you to drive change forward.

The training will provide you with the opportunity to explore your own change situations and also practise using a selection of practical change tools and techniques specifically designed to support your implementation of strategic change within your organisation.

You will leave this course with a personal action plan specifically designed to support the implementation of your change.

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Suitable for managers and senior managers who have the responsibility for implementing and leading the introduction of change initiatives and wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in strategic change management.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the types of change that occur in organisations.
  • Identify the main components that are involved in planning change.
  • Appreciate the range of issues and complexities involved in change management.
  • Understand the main responsibilities when leading staff through periods of change.
  • Recognise the main barriers to change and establish how change can impact on managers and staff.
  • Create strategies for overcoming resistance to change.
  • Engage others to build their commitment to the required change.
  • Use a series of tools and techniques to analyse, introduce and monitor change.

Course Content

The Need for Change

  • Enhance your ability to identify the strategic rationale for change
  • Understand the nature of change from strategic to personal levels

Create the Right Conditions for Successful Change

  • Learn how your organisation's culture can impact on change
  • The importance of understanding the framework that will help implement change
  • Employ the change kaleidoscope to identify the key elements in defining context
  • Use stakeholder mapping to appreciate who will be affected by the change and what action to take 

Decide on a Suitable Change Approach

  • Avoid pitfalls and produce balanced plans for organisational change
  • Use the change cycle to maximise your success
  • Uncover the enablers and constraints within your change 

Select the Appropriate Tactic for Implementation

  • The type of change to be introduced and the implications
  • Choose the best managing style for every aspect of change
  • Change start points: top-down, bottom-up or pilot sites
  • Agreeing change targets and objectives
  • Clarify the role of leaders and other change agents
  • Identify the skills and qualities of effective change agents
  • Use the change curve to overcome individual barriers to change
  • Prepare motivational communication plans

Monitor Progress and Maintain Momentum

  • How to use appropriate measures to monitor and review the progress and results of change 
  • Identify the techniques that drive change forward and avoiding a return to the past

Personal Development

  • The opportunity to practise with a range of change techniques
  • The preparation of a personal action plan to assist with your ongoing development

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