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APMG Change Management Foundation & Practitioner

This accredited APMG Change Management Foundation & Practitioner course and certificate is designed for people who need to understand the challenges of introducing change including why change happens, how change happens and how to overcome resistance to change.

There are four modules which cover the scope of the Change Management Foundation qualification, dealing with the theories of how change impacts on and is affected by the -

- Individual
- Team
- Organisation
- Change Leader

The Practitioner element builds on the material from the Cameron and Green book with supplementary information from the People Alchemy website.  It is designed as a 'top up' course for those who have achieved the Change Management Foundation qualification and wish to further their learning on the subject.

This 5 day course covers both Foundation and Practitioner.

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Learning Objectives

This training course will enable you to:-

    * Understand what change means in a work environment
    * Appreciate the impact of change on individuals, teams and the organisation
    * Obtain an overview how individuals learn and change
    * Look at team dynamics and the requirements for effective teams
    * Analyse how different organisations are affected by change
    * Examine different organisational change "models" and how best to apply them to your situation
    * Investigate the role of the leader
    * Understand how to manage resistance to change


There are no pre-requisites for this course

Course Content

Individual Change

    * What happens when people experience change
    * What factors affect people’s response to change
    * How personality affects a person’s relationship with change
    * How & why people resist change

Team Change

    * Improving team effectiveness
    * How teams change and develop
    * Leading team change
    * How team change impacts organisational change

Organisational Change

    * Key metaphors of organisational change, and how they link to change management
    * How organisational change works
    * Evaluating different models of organisational change
    * Building an integrated model of the organisational change process

Leadership and Change

    * The relationship between leadership style and change
    * The effects of different leadership styles on the change process
    * Different leadership roles in the change process

Exams & Certification

The Foundation exam structure is:

- 1 hour multiple choice
- Closed book
- Four sections, total of 60 questions
- 15 questions per section
- Candidate must score 30 out of 60 to pass


The Practitioner Exam structure is:

- 3 hour objective testing multiple choice
- Open book (manual and handbook only)
- Four questions based on scenario
- 20 marks per question, 80 marks in total
- Candidate must score 40 out of 80 to pass.

APMG Digital Badge

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Digital badges are available for exams currently delivered by APMG. To access their digital badge candidates must have taken their exam with APMG International after 1 January 2016.


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