Scrum Master’s salaries overtake Project Manager’s

Comparing the 2 salaries, a survey on says “Scrum Master salaries for job postings nationwide are 15% higher than average Project Manager salaries for job postings nationwide”. This data appears is based on US information

This change seems to have happened in a short space of time. Similar research has found that ScrumMaster salaries have increased by 8% over the last year

In June 2010, the Scrum Alliance performed a similar comparison and found that the average salaries displayed in posted job adverts were an average of 2% higher over the past year compared to those of project managers

It’s thought that salaries for Project Managers have hit a top limit, while Scrum Managers remain in demand.

Also, Scrum Job ads increase while PM ads have reduced – According to IT Jobswatch the demand for Project Manager role in IT jobs has decreased 38% from 9,600 to 6,000, while Scrum jobs have risen from 2,000 to 4,500

The Scrum Alliance has indicated that “It is encouraged by this indicator that companies are continuing to adopt Scrum and have a demand for ScrumMasters, even in these tough economic times. We are committed to increasing awareness and understanding of Scrum, providing resources to individuals and organizations using Scrum, and promoting the iterative improvement necessary to succeed with Scrum”

On the training front, with only a limited number of Scrum training providers in the UK, price for training is still at a premium. However with ScrumMasters in strong demand, scrum training courses remain popular and are also fully booked

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