PRINCE2 Certification held by 70% Project Managers in Larger Organisations

The 2012 Project Management Benchmark survey from Arras People updates our understanding of job prospects, pay rates and certification uptake.

Previous surveys had highlighted how ubiquitous PRINCE2 certification had become and indeed the conclusion last year was that professionals would be well advised to acquire other qualifications such as APMP in order to differentiate themselves and earn more.

PRINCE2 Certification

This year’s report looks at uptake of PRINCE2 and other project management certifications amongst project managers in organisations of differing scale. The chart below shows that 70% of project managers in larger organisations hold PRINCE2 certification whilst the proportion is only 45% in organisations with fewer than 10 employees. The proportions of practitioners holding other qualifications are added to provide a “qualification ratio”. The difference in APMP certification spans from 16% to just 3%; and MSP certification from 27% to 12%.  

prince2 certification by company size

Project Management Pay

There are significant difference between sectors and job roles but overall remuneration has failed to keep pace with inflation. The graphs below suggest a modest increase in employee salaries but little change in contractor rates. The proportion of respondents classed as contractors increased from 29% to 35%.  


project management contractor rates 2012

 project manager salaries 2011



The upshot is that 83% reported that their remuneration grew by less than inflation. 42% reported that they and their family unit were worse off than at the same time last year.

Project Management Jobs – Prospects

The outcome for 2011 was not so bad as had been anticipated by respondents a year before – particularly with respect to public sector job cuts. However, a mood of gloom and uncertainty still prevails.

The proportion of respondents expressing concern about job loss was 56% in the public sector (down 5%) and 47% in the private sector (up 7%). General mood or “personal confidence” was more polarised. Those “Buoyant or Happy” up 1% to 60%; those “Low or Gloomy” up 9% to 23%.

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