PMI or PRINCE2 or APM – Which Project Management Certification?

Is PMI training worth doing if you are Prince2 qualified?

Heidi Dunn set the ball rolling with this 10 word question and sparked a lively debate on the Focus LinkedIn group.

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You can see a few salient snippets below – but why not get involved yourself by joining us on LinkedIn.

PMP is much more focused on the actual job of a project manager and Prince2 more around governance.”

“I completed the APMP a few years ago and thought it was a very practical course, while Prince2 seemed more like a tool box for governance.”

“I found out that PMP is more well known in North America, Asia and parts of Europe”. I have also seen oil and gas jobs that want a PM to have PMP and Prince2.”

“PRINCE2 does not emphasize the importance on conflict management, hr management and commercial management. All soft skills are outside the practice. PMBOK stress a lot on these items.”

“No piece of paper or PMP/Prince2 credential etc proves that you are a competent Project Manager. The nature of the job requires a balance of worked experience, qualifications and time spent being mentored”

“If you try to address public projects in Europe you have to be mostly PRINCE2 (mandatory in UK, usually accepted in Italy..) and at the same time for public projects in US you must be PMI PMP.

“Never do a project management accreditation with the sole aim of it looking good on the CV.”

“Completely agree with your comments regarding experience but having both will certainly put you at the top of the pile compared to those that just have one. It’s just another key to the door!”

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