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More news on Cyber Security jobs

Following our news item last month (UK companies face a chronic shortage of specialist cyber security workers) the Tech Partnership has announced that the cyber workforce has grown by 160% in the 5 years to 2016 with 58,000 now working in cyber security (22,000 in 2011) commanding an average salary […]

Project Manager and Business Analyst Pay – 2016

At Focus we are regularly asked about the salary prospects associated with different career paths and qualifications. We’ve been researching the latest data on project manager and business analyst pay. The headline is that according to PayScale the median pay for PMs at £43,611 is 15% higher than that for […]

Project Management and IT Salaries

A review of recent data is broadly positive with respect to project management and IT jobs. Salaries are generally stable or increasing with stronger growth apparent for specific hot spots. Our round-up includes views and data from a leading recruitment company, an IT jobs site and the Association for Project […]

Project Management Pay Up in 2014 and Confidence is Building

The headline is positive but there is a mixed picture when you dig into the statistics. Each year Arras People undertakes a survey of over 2,000 project professionals. Their Benchmark Report reveals changes in remuneration and personal confidence – as well as tracking factors such as uptake of qualifications and […]

Top IT Trends for 2015

There’s no shortage of advice as to what the IT world can expect in 2015. We try to make sense of the predictions from major industry thought leaders. Cyber security and compliance feature strongly, but there are other topics including virtualisation, cloud and the internet of things. And we take […]

IT Salaries by Job Title

Our training advisors at FOCUS are often asked about salary prospects for a range of IT and project management certifications and job roles. This is beyond our area of expertise but there is good information available. We have summarised data from PayScale which provides some clues as to the salary […]

Positive News for the UK Information Economy

The “Information Economy” as defined by the government includes IT Programming, IT Consultancy, Telecoms and Data Processing.  The total Information Economy workforce is estimated at 1.4m.  Employment growth has been double that for the economy as a whole.  Two thirds of employees hold degrees or other higher education qualifications. An […]

11% Growth in IT Jobs

According to a recent analysis by the Financial Times, nearly 720,000 people were working in computing roles in March 2013 – a rise of 11% from a year earlier. This implies that strong indigenous growth in areas such as London’s “Silicon Roundabout” is outweighing the long-term trend to offshoring of routine IT tasks.  […]

London Cyberspace Security Conference

Digital Espionage & Cyber Crime were amongst the topics discussed by 700 government officials, business leaders and information security specialists at a conference in London this month – hosted by the William Hague, the Foreign Secretary. Ahead of the conference General Shaw, the head of the Ministry of Defence’s cyber […]

Scrum Master’s salaries overtake Project Manager’s

Comparing the 2 salaries, a survey on says “Scrum Master salaries for job postings nationwide are 15% higher than average Project Manager salaries for job postings nationwide”. This data appears is based on US information This change seems to have happened in a short space of time. Similar research […]