IT Service Desk Tips

These “top tips” are key factors for you to address if you want to establish and operate a really effective IT Service Desk. The essence comes down to processes, people and continuous improvement.

1.    Service Desk rather than Help Desk

  • Make sure that you focus on the needs of your customers and the business; don’t fall into the trap of simply providing technology driven problem resolution
  • Ensure all staff are aware of the role they play in the business

2.    Robust and standardised processes

  • Clear and straightforward processes including problem management
  • Objective approach to assignment of priorities
  • Structured approach to root cause analysis

3.    Recruit the right staff – and train them well

  • The skills and attitudes of the Service Desk team often define how IT is seen within an organisation
  • Use proven approaches which allow you to adopt the best practice habits which are well proven in other companies
  • Install reward structures which reinforce a service ethos

4.    Train your users & provide self-service solutions

  • Employees who are trained on how to use both standard software packages and proprietary business systems are less likely to need Service Desk support
  • Learn from consumer facing organisations such as telecoms; establish intranet resources, video guides and FAQs to help users deal quickly with recurring and easily solved issues

5.    Set user expectations at every contact

  • When a service incident is initiated let customers know when they can expect resolution or at least an update of status

6.    Performance visibility

  • Log every call
  • Apply metrics that support business goals
  • Don’t just measure load and response time; develop metrics which include quality, satisfaction, and improvement aspects (for instance, “first time fix” or incident trends over time)

7.    Continuous Improvement

  • The collective experience of your service desk staff and feedback received can give the most valuable guidance in terms of the effectiveness of current systems and requirements for the future

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