IT Salaries by Job Title

Our training advisors at FOCUS are often asked about salary prospects for a range of IT and project management certifications and job roles. This is beyond our area of expertise but there is good information available. We have summarised data from PayScale which provides some clues as to the salary ranges to expect. Senior software architects and BAs are towards the top of the tree.

The Pay Scale data is based on the many people who undertake their online salary check. They show a median for a given job title plus an indicative spread. Clearly there tends to be a range based on experience and seniority within a given role.

The data is summarised in the tables below. We have grouped the IT salaries which fall within 3 bands:

Under £35k
Graduate Software Engineer
Computer Programmer
Application Developer
Programmer Analyst
Test Analyst
Business Analyst (other)

£35k to £50k
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Programmer
Lead Software Engineer
Senior Test Analyst
Project Manager (software development / IT)
Business Analyst (banking)

Over £50k
Senior Business Analyst
Senior Software Architect

IT salaries

business analyst salary ranges

software testing salaries

One of the areas in which we see particular interest is Business Analysis. Business Analyst salaries range from £27k to £63k. Separate data from IT JobsWatch suggests an average of £47k; London salaries are about 11% higher than those elsewhere in the country.

This data on Business Analysis salaries is reinforced by Reed – though indicating salary up to £80k.

ba salaries and qualifications

If you are interested in strengthening your CV with well recognised certifications our training advisors will be pleased to provide advice. Popular courses for those looking to step up the IT jobs ladder include:

BCS Business Analysis Diploma

TOGAF – Enterprise Architecture

Certified ScrumMaster

ISTQB Advanced Test Manager

BCS Solution Development Diploma