Is Software Testing the career for me?

Demand for quality, reliability and performance in the digital world has never been greater.

There is a growing expectation amongst everyday users that software, whether that’s a website, mobile application or software program, should not only perform the expected function but also be free from frustration-causing bugs and technical fails that diminish the user experience.

As a result, organisations are allocating more resources than ever to ensuring their developments, programs and applications are fit for purpose. This drive for enhanced quality has made the role of testing crucial to the success of any software development and has created the need for testing professionals.

What is a Software Tester?

The role of a Software Tester is to find and fix bugs in software. As a tester you are the internal quality control before a development is released to the public or target audience.  The core function of the tester role is to conduct automated and manual tests to ensure the software created by developers is fit for purpose. You will be involved at various stages of projects and will play a crucial role in identifying issues and mitigating risks associated with launching flawed software.

What skills does a Tester need?

There are many types of testing project, ranging for end-user testing through to projects that require testers with significant technical knowledge or ability to understand code and programing languages.

Given the array of testing processes and methods in use, the skills required to succeed in a testing environment will depend on the nature of the role or project. Typically Software Testers will possess a passion for technology, exceptional attention to detail and the ability to think critically.

It can be advantageous to have existing IT knowledge or experience. This might include programming languages, SQL or tools related to testing – like Selenium or Loadrunner.

Training and finding employment

Training and certification can help you develop knowledge of the software testing environment and skills related to specific tools and methods. Gaining this knowledge can help you make the transition into a software testing career, however, just like with any training course, there is no guarantee of landing a job.

Your employment prospects will depend on a combination of your skills, background, experience and attitude. If you are currently working in an IT function this may be a benefit. Those with no prior IT or testing experience may also want to consider placements and internships in addition to qualifications and training (Please be aware Software Training courses with Focus do not include any placement or job guarantees).

Many aspiring or new Software Testers start out by obtaining the ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing. This introduces the fundamentals of testing, key terminology and provides a benchmark for employers. Many people see the certification as a strong addition to their CV, which combined with relevant experience or an IT background can give them an edge in the job market.

Further Development

Software testing is a growing industry and if you decide to embark on this exciting career path, you will want to ensure your skills are kept up-to-date and are clearly demonstrable through industry-recognised certifications.

In addition to the globally-recognised ISTQB Foundation Certificate, we also offer advanced qualifications within the BCS and ISTQB certification structures. This includes the popular Test Manger and Test Analyst certifications, although these are generally more relevant to testers with several years’ experience at the sharp end of testing in the real world.

On the focus website, you will also find a number of software testing courses relating to popular testing tools and vendor technologies. Depending on the particular course, we offer a variety of delivery methods including classroom, online and virtual.

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Hopefully you have found this brief insight into the world of Software Testing useful. If you are interested in training for a career in software testing, contact our sales team on 0845 450 6120.