Equifax suffers massive data hack!

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If it can happen to Equifax, it can happen to anyone!

On the 7th September 2017 Equifax, one of the three largest U.S. credit reporting agencies, reported a massive data hack in the US with hackers potentially accessing social security numbers, birth dates, names and contact information for an estimated 143 million consumers, an estimated 400,000 of which are in the UK.

Whilst Equifax have confirmed that their UK systems were not compromised, this access relates to a process failure in 2016 resulting in UK personal data being stored on US based systems.

The alert comes after the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ordered Equifax to alert British customers.

This isn’t the biggest data breach in history. Yahoo was targeted in at least two separate digital attacks that affected more than 1bn of its users across the world, however this did not include the theft of key data such as social security numbers.

We have reported many such failings over the past two years including with major UK firm Talk Talk (who received a £400,000 fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office for not providing sufficient protection for customers’ data), Tesco Bank (where £2.5m was stolen from 9,000 customers), Three Mobile, Yahoo, Myspace, LinkedIn and Adobe all reporting major data thefts in the past year.

When will we learn?

Furthermore, now just 245 days away, we have reported previously the need for all businesses to get to grips with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which comes in to effect on 25th May 2018 and sees potential fines for breaches rising greatly to possibly €20m or 4% of an organisation’s annual worldwide turnover.

Clearly, if you haven’t secured your customers’ data or website properly you could be leaving yourselves open to a Hacker’s attack, which could destroy your business and your brand.

Can you afford to take the risk? Take action now to protect your business and become GDPR compliant.

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