Cyber Security – APR 1,509% AND they lose your data!

Well it has been a couple of months since the last time we spoke about a large scale data loss by a UK firm and this time it is Wonga, the payday loans firm, with interest rates starting at 1,286%, who have reported the theft of some 245,000 customer details (and a further 20,000 in Poland) making it one of the largest data breaches in the UK involving financial information.

It is believed customer data stolen might have included Names, Email Addresses, Home Addresses, Phone Numbers, Bank Account Numbers and the last 4 digits of Credit/Debit card details.

As reported, this is not the first time a data breach has occurred in a major UK firm with Talk Talk (who received a £400,000 fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office for not providing sufficient protection for customers’ data), Tesco Bank (where £2.5m was stolen from 9,000 customers), Three Mobile, Yahoo, Myspace, LinkedIn and Adobe all reporting major data thefts in the past few months.

This is not the only recent data breach. Just four months on from Three Mobile reporting that six million customer records could be at risk, they have suffered a further data breach in March 2017 after some customers logging in to their Three accounts were presented with the names, addresses, phone numbers and call histories of complete strangers!

When will we learn?

Clearly, if you haven’t secured your customers’ data or website properly you could be leaving yourselves open to a Hacker’s attack which could destroy your business and your brand.

Can you afford to take the risk? Take action now to protect your business.

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