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What is Blended Virtual?

Blended Virtual is a training delivery format that combines the expert direction of instructor-led training with the flexibility of on-demand learning.  Over a 3-6 week period, students will receive an introductory instructor-led session followed by weekly on-demand assignments and 3-4 hour instructor-led sessions.

Pacing the content in smaller chunks over several weeks allows students to learn on their schedule and at their speed. Additionally, supporting students with expert-led, challenge-based exercises and access to the instructor; Blended Virtual more effectively transfers skills and knowledge and meets the expectations of today’s enterprises.

Blended Virtual does this without travel expenses, with less disruption to standard workloads, and imparts greater knowledge and skill transfer – creating a mastery of the material.  Resources are available 24x7 from any location – students can train in the evening or over weekends to fit around their busy work and life schedules.


How is Blended Virtual a better learning experience?


More Flexibility, Convenience, and Choice

  • Blended Virtual supports flexible training schedules.
  • Blended Virtual reduces time out of the office.
  • Blended Virtual reduces employee unavailability.

Instructor Access and Interaction

  • Blended Virtual ensures access to and interaction with a live instructor.
  • Blended Virtual provides student engagement and motivation through scheduled instructor interactions.

Improved Effectiveness

  • Blended Virtual effectively closes skills gaps and prepares students for certification exams.
  • Blended Virtual features a paced, less concentrated learning approach that improves skills development and retention

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