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Big Data Courses & Data Science Training

Data Science and Big Data are hot topics and many organisations are looking for people with the skills and know-how to understanding vast and disparate data sources and transform them into actionable insight. We have a range of big data training courses as well as courses designed to help you make the most of key data science tools and platforms, like Hadoop. Many data scientists and big data analysts are also required to have programming knowledge, our range of programing training includes SQL, Ruby and Python courses – and these can help you gain the necessary background knowledge.


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What is Big Data?

The amount of data being collected and stored by organisations is almost inconceivable and the term ‘Big Data’ is used to describe these extremely large data sets, and more importantly the approaches used to extract value from this data and transform it into usable insight. It is the task of Data Analysts, or Data Scientists, working with big data to analysis the data and convert it into information that can be used by a business to make more informed business decisions and strategic moves.

Working with data on this scale provides numerous challenges and is often beyond the effectiveness of traditional analytics techniques. Big data is analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations. There are tools and platforms that are specifically designed for working with high-volume, high velocity data. Big Data training courses can help those new to big data better understand the concept as well as providing more experienced analysts with knowledge of the latest tools and techniques in this growing and rapidly changing area.

What is a Data Scientist?

Data science, also known as data-driven science, is the combining of methods, systems and processes to extract insight from data in various forms. A Data Scientist is comfortable working with vast data sets, both structured and unstructured. They possess excellent skills in mathematics and programming, utilising this knowledge and combining it with big data and data mining tools to cleanse the data and extract value.

How to become a Data Scientist?

The demand for Data Science professionals is increasing and training on big data tools and courses covering data science concepts can help you to standout. While the need for skilled professionals able to handle large data sets is recognised across many industry sectors, the rise of data scientists is particularly evident in the retail, ecommerce and finance sectors.

Most employers seeking data science and big data analysts will usually be looking for a strong technical background and competency with code and data platforms. The most common programming languages used in big data applications are Java, Python, C# and R. It can also be useful to have an understanding of commonly used tools such as Spark, Mongo, Cassandra & Pig.

You will also need exceptional analytical skills to succeed as a data scientist. You will need to be able to both manipulate the data and extract usable insight that can be related in business needs and used to overcome operational challenges. In addition, communication and presentation skills are a fundamental aspect of data science role. At Focus, we provide both technical skills training and courses on specific technologies as well as soft skills training.

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Big Data & Data Science Training

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