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ServiceNow Cloud Provisioning and Governance Advanced

Build upon your knowledge from ServiceNow Cloud Provisioning and Governance Fundamentals.

This three-day training course aims to build upon your knowledge from ServiceNow Cloud Provisioning and Governance Fundamentals, exploring how to customize the user experience and extend the platform to support new cloud-based services.

Through lectures, demos, and technical exercises, students gain hands-on experience with the following Cloud Provisioning and Governance Advanced topics:

Advanced UI design, Create multi-tab requests, Build dynamic request forms, Custom Resource Pools and Filters, Essential Runtime Expressions, Advanced Profiles, Advanced Policies, Extend Cloud Provisioning and Governance with templates and Cloud API, Add functionality for Cloud Services not included in the Platform, Create Resources Blocks, Create Day-2 operations, Invoke cloud operations with Workflows and Integration Hub Subflows, Test and Troubleshoot extensions, Integration and Software Deployment, with Continuous Deployment Tools (Ansible)

During this three-day interactive training course, attendees will access the ServiceNow platform in their own student instance, which is a “safe sandbox” loaded with demo and test data.

Target Audience

ServiceNow System Administrator, ServiceNow Cloud Provisioning and Governance Implementer, Dev Ops Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect


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Learning Objectives

After you complete this course you will be able to:

  • Customize and simplify the user experience
  • Extend ServiceNow Cloud Provisioning and Governance to Provision new Cloud Services
  • Troubleshoot and debug Cloud Provisioning and Governance related issues.
  • Perform Day 2 operations with ServiceNow and Continuous Deployment Tools


Recommended knowledge/experience: ServiceNow Cloud Management v2, the ServiceNow CMDB, Azure and/or AWS REST API’s, JavaScript, JSON, and a strong understanding of architecting solutions within the AWS and/or Azure Clouds.

Recommended prerequisites:

  • ServiceNow Fundamentals
  • ServiceNow Cloud Provisioning and Governance Fundamentals

Course Content

Catalog Item Customization

  • Lab 1.1: Introduction to Catalog Item Form Customization
  • Lab 1.2: Dynamically Set a Field Value
  • Lab 1.3: Dynamically Modify a Form
  • Lab 1.4: Render a Cloud Catalog Item in the Service Catalog
  • Lab 1.5: Add Custom Tags

Custom Resource Pools and Filters

  • Lab 2.1: Build a Query Resource Pool
  • Lab 2.2: Present User Relevant Data

Advanced Policies

  • Lab 3.1: Dynamic Form Policy
  • Lab 3.2: Custom Approval Policy
  • Lab 3.3: Script Tag Policies


Extend Cloud Management

  • Lab 5.1: Add a New Resource Type
  • Lab 5.2: Create a New CMDB CI Class
  • Lab 5.3: Discover a New Resource Type

Day-2 Operations - CAPI

  • Lab 6.1: Research AWS REST API to Create a Volume Snapshot
  • Lab 6.2: Create a CAPI Extension to Snapshot a Volume
  • Lab 6.3: Modify a Resource Block to Invoke a CAPI Extension
  • Lab 6.4: Create a Response Processor
  • Lab 6.5: Test and Troubleshoot a CAPI Extension

Day-2 Operations – Workflow and Integration Hub

  • Lab 7.1: Create a Nginx Resource Block
  • Lab 2.2: Create an Application Profile to Deploy with Ansible

Software Deployment

  • Lab 8.1: CFT Post Provision Operation with Cloud Script
  • Lab 8.2a-e: CFT Post Provision with Ansible Tower
  • Lab 8.2a: Connect to Ansible
  • Lab 8.2b: Create Application Profile and Catalog Item
  • Lab 8.2c: Setup Post Provision Operations
  • Lab 8.2d: Modify the Resource Block
  • Lab 8.2e: Customize the Cloud Catalog Item

Advanced Profiles

  • Lab 9.1: Create a Schedule Profile

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