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Inception Masterclass

Delivering software is hard. Delivering it well, reliably and with ease is even harder. Without the right foundations in place right from the start, you could end up facing missed dates, disappointed stakeholders, false assumptions, hidden constraints and team misalignment.

This is why we run Inceptions.

  • What Inceptions are: A set of collaborative activities run with cross-disciplinary teams, to make sure enough information is shared to start delivery with the best possible chance of success.

  • What Inceptions do: They systematically address the issues that threaten to derail deliveries, helping us to reduce risk, build trust and achieve alignment. Their job is to de-risk delivery, align stakeholders and allow the delivery team to hit the ground running.

Who’s the course for?

Delivered by seasoned practitioners who have run numerous Inceptions before, and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly, this two-day training course is for those involved in kicking off and delivering projects. It’ll help you develop a solid understanding of how to incept projects in a lightweight way and will give your project the best chance of having a successful outcome.

If you seek guidance on how to kick off initiatives better, this course will you provide with processes, tools and blueprints to do this successfully. It’s suitable to anyone involved in planning, facilitating or participating in an Inception, from senior decision-makers to hands-on practitioners across all disciplines from product to engineering.

While the concepts and principles of this course apply to all projects or initiatives, this course draws on experience and example for the world of digital and information technology and will thus be best suited to IT practitioners.

If you’re a ‘beginner’ in kicking off projects, this course will provide you with the basic framework to work from. If you’ve kicked off and managed projects before but are looking for inspiration or better and more efficient ways to ensure success, this course will you provide you with food for thought, ideas and an understanding of underlying paradigms.

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Do I need to be in IT for this course to be valuable?

While the generic concepts of an Inception apply to all initiatives and projects alike, this course draws on examples and experiences specifically from the IT industry and is most valuable to related practitioners. Please speak to us if you’re interested in a non-IT focused course.

We’ve structured the course so it’s easy to follow however experienced you are. However, we believe it’s be most beneficial to mid-level or senior practitioners.

There will be no homework during the course.

Course Content

What can I expect?

This practitioner-led course draws from a wealth of experience and is presented as a mix of talks, real-world examples and exercises.

At the end of the course you will:

  • Understand why an Inception leads to better outcomes and how to sell Inceptions (to your team and to clients)

  • Be able to plan an Inception in the context to a specific Initiative

  • Have the ability to execute an Inception (whether you facilitate or take part)

  • Have an awareness of how to manage complexity, risks and dependency. You’ll understand how to identify and manage scope quickly and efficiently, how to prioritise, estimate and arrive at cost, and plan at the earliest stage with a sufficient level of certainty

  • Have an awareness of the tools and techniques needed to support the various activities you will encounter during an Inception

  • Know what ‘good’ looks like

  • Be aware of the common pitfalls and best practices

This course is specifically targeted towards setting up and kicking off projects and initiatives in a way that gives them the best chance of success. It perfectly complements techniques and frameworks for ideation or value proposition design, such as Google Design Sprints.

You’ll also have a set of blueprints, templates and cheat sheets that you can directly use during your next Inception.

And of course we will make sure you are fed and watered …  

Meet the expert

We believe that complex topics are best heard from the horse’s mouth. That’s why this course is lead by an expert practitioner who can draw on years of experience in the field.

The Trainer is an independent Digital Consultant, Product Owner and Business Analyst.

He’s worked with creatively and technically-focused agencies, and all sorts of clients across a wide variety of industry sectors including retail, automotive, finance, medical and energy.

He believes that project success is strongly linked to happy teams, value-focused decision-making and fast feedback cycles. As part of his role he is passionate about finding the best tools and techniques to optimise team culture, ways of working and solution design.

He won’t go near projects that follow classic waterfall / big-design up-front practices as they’re too likely to fail, and will also stay away from transformation projects that are solely based on coaching. But he has and will happily help organisations transform via practical involvement and by example.

Exams & Certification

Is this an accredited course and do I get certification?

No. The goal of this course is to provide insights, guidance and practical tools on how to address the challenge of setting up a project or initiative for success. Due to the nature of this complex task, one size doesn’t fit all and we believe that the insights, tools, tips and tricks we share on the course are what provide value - not a certification or accreditation.

Certification often ends up focusing on certification for the sake of it and presents agile ‘by the book’. What we want to provide is agile from the trenches by people with the battle scars who can provide training based on real-world experience.

There is not an exam included with this course.


Four case studies will be issued 2 weeks prior to course commencement  to help frame the training provided.

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