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ICAgile - Agile Coaching in the Enterprise (ICP-CAT)

The ICAgile Certified Professional - Coaching Agile Transitions course provides a deep dive into the world of enterprise agile coaching.

The course focuses on the field of Enterprise Coaching for agility, we explore the core elements of an organisation moving to a more agile way of working, and links the core enterprise coaching competencies in a way that empowers coaches to act as agents of change in organisations.

We will delve into the pursuit of professional mastery and the ethical considerations of Enterprise Coaching for Agility. We then look at elements central to agile transitions such as organisational and human change processes, transformation strategies, addressing organisational impediments and large group facilitation practices.

With us, you get much more than just a training course, you get access to free ongoing mentoring from Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coaches

Who is this course suitable for?

Relevant roles include enterprise, program and team-level Agile Coaches, Agile Team Facilitators, or anyone aspiring to these roles. Also, anyone with a strong background in change management and/or organizational design and a curiosity about agile approaches at the enterprise level will benefit from this certification.

Will I need any equipment for the Course?

As this is an online course you will need a computer with a camera and a headset. You will also need to install the zoom client and have access to google drive from your computer and some of the google suite applications.

What makes us different?

Each class has trainers who are ICF certified, ORSC Trained,  and Training from the BACK of the Room! trainer along with there own specialisms, no other provider comes close to this level of expertise.

In addition, all of our Trainers are Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coaches which means they have been assessed by their peers as experts in agile coaching and can also provide mentoring for aspiring CTCs and CECs. We are the only Scrum Alliance Coaches running this course in the UK and one of a handful worldwide.

We co-train whenever possible, we believe when learning a new skill you need as much support as possible and diversity of experience and opinion is important.

We provide more than just a course but provide free access to a learning community that will support you along your agile journey.

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Learning Objectives

What will you Learn?

The course is separated into 3 key areas of focus:

Knowing Yourself - Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses is the first step to being an awesome enterprise agile coach as we start our pursuit of professional mastery and the ethical considerations of Enterprise Coaching for Agility

Managing an Engagement - Learn how to better manage an engagement through our unique agile scoping framework. How do we set ourselves up for success in this complex world? What is useful to measure? How do we know if we have done a good job?

Facilitating Change - once we have learnt how to manage an engagement what is next? During this section, you will learn the skills of communicating, educating, and facilitating at an organizational level.


Although it is not a formal prerequisite, we have found that this certification is best pursued after a foundation agile course such as Scrum Foundations, Agile Fundamentals, ICAgile or CSM/PSM or equivalent experience.

It will also be beneficial if you have completed the ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching ( ICP-ACC) course prior to this one.

Course Content

What topics are covered?

  • Self Reflection using the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel

  • What is Agile Coaching

  • Clean Feedback

  • Check in

  • Teams Value Pledge

  • Agile Mindset

  • What would you like to know before we begin?

  • Being an agile leader

  • Systems thinking

  • Human change process

  • Arnold Mindell process edge theory

  • Limits and Boundaries of agile coaching

  • Clean Setup

  • Managing an engagement

  • Agile scoping

  • Stakeholder management

  • Writing an agile business case for change

  • Creating a coaching agreement

  • (Re)Launching an agile journey

  • Assessing an organisation

  • Creating a coaching plan

  • Creating a communication plan

  • Educating at an organisational level

  • Training from the back of the room

  • Large group facilitation techniques

  • Deep Democracy

  • Open Space

Exams & Certification

What about exams and assessments?

The course is assessed by the instructors during the training early feedback will be provided if you are likely to need additional support before you can pass.

What will you receive?

On successful completion of the course, you will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional - Coaching Agile Transitions Certification.

The certification will not expire and is a valuable industry known certificate.

This course is worth 16 SEU's towards Scrum Alliance renewal requirements


Pre-work is provided focused on self-reflection using a number of tools including the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel 

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