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Design Sprints

The Design Sprints course is a two-day learning event which blends discussion and group exercises to explore the design sprint methodology.

During the course you will discover: The meaning of design sprints, why design sprints are used, what makes design sprints so effective and the mindset necessary for success.

Over the two days, you will practically apply tools that aer used to implement design sprints by working through an immersive, tailor made case study that simulates a five-day sprint.

The case study will allow you to embed your learning in the session, helping you to understand the benefits of running design sprints, how to communicate those benefits to promote buy in, what each day in a one week sprint should entail and much more.

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Learning Objectives

Learners will be able to:

  • Understand in greater detail the benefits of conducting a design sprint
  • Apply different techniques to deliver successful design sprints
  • Demonstrate practical understanding of what a sprint is
  • Communicate value to decision makers promoting internal buy in
  • Use Design sprints as a means to experiment new solutions that will benefit the business
  • Use Design sprints as a tool to creatively improve products/processes


While there are no formal prerequisites for this course learners would benefit from having existing design thinking experience.

We recommend learners who are new to design thinking attend the 2-day Design Thinking workshop before moving on to Design Sprints.

Course Content

This two-day course offers deeper insight into the concept of design sprints with further support given to how to facilitate the different aspects back in the workplace.

Learning will begin with an overview of the appropriate culture an organisation needs to have in order to see the benefits of a design sprint. Learners will then be given a case study allowing them to work through the different exercises and mindsets required for each day in a sprint.

As the session progresses learners will be immersed into a simulated 5-day work week. During this simulation, learners will work through different activities on each simulated day, with a particular goal attached to the day of the week:

  1. Monday- Understand
  2. Tuesday- Diverge
  3. Wednesday- Decide
  4. Thursday- Prototype
  5. Friday- Validate

The simulation allows learners to fully engage themselves in design sprints, giving a greater understanding of what the concept is, what techniques are required, who needs to be involved, all the way through to creating a prototype of their solution.

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