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ITIL training courses are available in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh - and 20 other cities across the UK.

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is the international gold standard in IT service management and the ITIL training programme underpins this best practice framework. Organisations which aspire to ISO/IEC 20000 will also need to build the ITIL skill sets of their employees.

ITIL training and qualifications are essential if you’re a professional who needs to build and to demonstrate your IT service management abilities.


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Accredited ITIL training courses from Focus helps ensure top quality, high performance IT services are tightly aligned with all areas of your business.

ITIL Foundation

This course will give you a broad overview of the ITIL framework, preparing you for a move on to higher level qualifications.

ITIL Intermediate and Expert

The modular  Intermediate courses are the stepping stones to achievement of the ITIL Expert qualification.  There are two groups of training courses - Lifecycle and Capability. The "cap stone" course for completing ITIL Expert is the MALC (Managing Across the Lifecycle) course

Which ITIL Intermediate Course Should I Choose?

ITIL Specialist Courses

A range of training courses, each specific to a major ITIL process. These are ideal for those with hands on responsibility in an ITIL environment.  They no longer contribute credits towards ITIL Expert certification.

SDI Service Desk Courses

If your focus is simply Service Desk then there are ITIL compatible courses from Sevice Desk International.


ITIL Expert - Fast Track

Focus can help you achieve ITIL Expert certification quickly and economically. We can configure course bundles which can save you over 40% compared to the list price of the individual course modules and exams.

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If you hold the ITIL "Manager's Certificate" (Red Badge) then there is a new fast track route to ITIL Expert.

Details of the ITIL Expert track for holders of the ITIL Manager's Certificate

Tailor Made In-House ITIL Training – Targeted and Cost Effective

We make it easy for you to save money and get first class results with onsite ITIL training. Courses are arranged to meet your needs and can prove more cost effective than public courses. Our network of world class trainers are available to teach new staff and improve the performance of your existing team.

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We have a separate section which covers ITIL Certification Tracks.


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