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Business analyst training is becoming a strategically important investment for many organisations.  It provides a bridge between business management skills and IT systems skills.  Business analyst courses are available at a range of levels - suitable for those leading strategic change in an organisation through to those working as part of a business analysis team.

Successful business analysts come from a variety of initial disciplines including systems development, project management, operational research, quality improvement and financial analysis. Business analysis courses are not highly technical and are accessible to anyone with a reasonable level of business and IT awareness.

BCS Business Analysis Training Courses

Many of our business analyst training courses in this area are aligned with the BCS qualification structure.  Previously known as ISEB these are the internationally regarded courses from the British Computer Society.  You will find that BCS qualifications offer an assurance of quality and are a route to higher level professional recognition.

The BCS business analysis courses each address a specific topic, and each leads to a certificate in its own right. By combining a series of modules, professional business analysts are able to achieve BCS diploma status.

More detail can be found under BCS Certification Tracks or download our BCS Business Analysis Training Guide.

There are two compulsory training and certification modules required for the BCS Business Analysis Diploma:

Business Analysis Practice

This course sets the topic in a strategic context to ensure that business processes are aligned with organisational objectives professional qualification. BCS Business Analysis Practice is the new name for ISEB Business Analysis Essentials

Requirements Engineering

Complementary to Business Analysis Practice, this course introduces well proven techniques for identifying and defining objectives which support the business goals


The most popular optional courses chosen are:

Commercial Awareness

Essentials on the ways in which different types of organisation are structured and operate. 

Modelling Business Processes

Best practice methodologies to define, model and communicate processes which underpin the operation and success of businesses.

Benefits Management and Business Acceptance

Best practice methodologies to define, model and communicate processes which underpin the operation and success of businesses.

Business Analysis - Foundation

An overview of the subject.  Useful for beginners - but also those with more experience who are preparing for the BCS Diploma oral exam.

Save Money on Multiple Business Analyst Courses

Most business analysis courses are modular in nature - enabling "bite size" learning without excesive time away from the office.  However, this does mean that you may be looking to book a series of courses especially if you are aiming for the BCS Business Analysis Diploma.  With this in mind Focus offers a variety of options to save money on multiple bookings.  This includes a residential fast track, and 4 course diploma bundles taken over 2 consecutive weeks. 

Within this section we also have some courses which are of relevance to any IT professional looking to build credibility in a broader business environment.

IS Consultancy Practice

Develop your consultancy skills whether you are serving internal or external clients. 

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The training courses in this Skill Area can be relevant to both those with a background in systems analysis, and those from a management role.  They span business basics, through process mapping and modelling, to evaluation of how information systems can contribute effectively to competitive edge. 

Specific skill areas covered include Requirements Engineering (defining what customers need from a computer system), Modelling (accurate and concise representation of business interactions), and Consultancy (working with the management team to elicit requirements then develop and deliver compelling solutions).

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